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Jan 9, 2018

“This was a big decision for me to make, and it took a lot of thought. The thing that was decisive in the end was the entrepreneurs, their product, and their personalities.”

Three months after their UK launch, TicketCo have found their new Country Manager. David Kenny is leaving his position as Event Director at Freemans Event Partners to join the UK newcomer in their attempts to disrupt and simplify event ticketing and payments.

Unified event payment platform

“To grab a new challenge like this has a certain element of risk on the personal level, but that is a risk I’m willing to take. I really believe in TicketCo – both product wise and when it comes to the market potential – and I’m really looking forward to start in January,” says the new Country Manager.

He is eager to introduce a brand new product to the event industry.

“Issuing tickets, receiving payments and handling diversified sales and report tools is somewhat of an industry pain. Cashless systems have made things easier and reduced the certain risks, but still the organisers have to deal with way too many tools and work flows. Until now, that is. TicketCo is a unified event payment platform for efficient transactions, and can really make a difference,” David Kenny states.

Well equipped tool box

Despite being newly recruited, the new Country Manager is not new to TicketCo. He first became aware of the Norwegian event payments provider through friends at iZettle, and out of professional interest he has followed the company from distance. This lead to a firm recommendation to Christopher Legh to check out TicketCo when Junkyard Golf Club needed a new supplier.

“Junkyard Golf Club is a great example of how TicketCo is making a difference. For this client TicketCo have actually added new features to their already well equipped tool box, allowing time slot bookings as a new offer,” he says.


Hoping to meet old colleagues

David Kenny’s way into the event industry started in Nottingham, where he owned two bars. He was also a co-founder of Gorilla Events. From there he went on to Peppermint Events before joining Freemans Event Partners. Over the years he has worked with great organisers and institutions such as Donington Park, Formula E, U Live, as well as a whole host of leading festivals and sporting events.

“Leaving Freemans isn’t easy but I sincerely hope that we can do business together in the future. Ticketing and payments is a key component in any festival or sports event, regardless of whether it is tickets, food and beverages or other goods or services. The market potential for TicketCo is huge, and I’m certain I’ll meet several of my old colleagues through my new job,” he predicts.

A huge market

As Country Manager, David Kenny will be essential for TicketCo’s success in the UK. This doesn’t scare him.

“The product is great and the market is huge. Now it’s up to me and my colleagues to spread the word and get TicketCo out there. I’ve always been fond of sales and to meet new people, and I like to think of myself as an approachable and relaxed guy. Hopefully organisers throughout the UK will consider me trustworthy, and I look forward to showing them how they can run their operations smoother, safer and cheaper,” he finishes.

Written by TicketCo

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