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by | Dec 19, 2018

For TicketCo to succeed in the UK market, it takes more than a great staff and a brilliant product. It also takes the right connections.

“I will not present the case, but I can open doors so the right people will listen,” says Martin Goldsmith.

After more than 40 years in the event industry, both as a legendary wrestling promoter and as the founder director of highly successful Event Merchandising, Mr Goldsmith has now partnered with TicketCo as their door-opener in the UK market. The highly respected and equally well reputed gentleman hopes this will make a difference for the Norwegian tech company.

Event payments made easy

“Ticketing is an over-populated market, and it’s hard for a newcomer to succeed. But I think TicketCo have great chances to break through, as this is a completely different system with a much richer tool box for the organisers than what their competitors can offer. It’s simply a sales platform for days ahead, not for days passed,” he claims.

This will be one of Martin Goldsmith’s key messages when he now starts approaching his many business connections with the TicketCo gospel from the north, claiming that event payments should be easy and that TicketCo is the best unified platform for all kinds of event payments in the market.

You need to be connected

“When it comes to the music or theatre scene, the event business is a massive industry in the hands of very few people. The sports industry is somewhat differently organised, but the same goes for them. It’s a people business. You need to be connected. TicketCo have got all it takes to succeed, but the doors won’t open themselves. Hopefully I can make it happen,” he says.

Mr Goldsmith is hoping that TicketCo little by little may re-establish the direct connection between the organisers and the ticket buyers.

A no-brainer

“Ticket touts and the secondary market are doing more harm than just ripping off the audience. They are also breaking the direct link between the organisers and their audience, and hereby denying the organisers a lot of highly valuable customer data. The TicketCo platform is really impressive when it comes to collecting total data, and this kind of business knowledge will be essential for any organiser in the near future,” says the Event Merchandising founder and TicketCo ambassador…

“For that reason alone TicketCo is the right choice for most organisers. Combined with competitive rates and the ability to handle both tickets, food concessions, bars and merchandising within the same sales platform, it should be a no-brainer,” he adds.

A great asset for TicketCo

TicketCo CSO Carl-Erik M Moberg has been using Martin Goldsmith as an occasional interlocutor since the TicketCo introduction in the UK market late 2017. He is more than happy so see the co-operation now formalised.

“If this gives us access to just five percent of Martin’s enormous network, it will be a massive success for TicketCo,” he claims.

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