Combined QR-Code makes life easier

The visitor shouldn't need to flip through the phone for different codes. The user experience is the essence of TicketCo, and we have now made life easier for both the audience and the organiser by gathering all tickets and items associated with an event...

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A gift card solution for the event organiser

Dear event organiser. Have you ever questioned if your ticketing system works as it should in terms of gift cards? No? We get that, as gift card solutions available so do not exactly give organisers the value boost needed. How does it really benefit you...

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A Complete Sales Tool

When a big professional football club chose a new ticketing vendor, its more than just the price that is a deciding factor. In the last bid that TicketCo won, there were four relevant suppliers in the picture. TicketCo was the most complete supplier with...

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A revolutionised season ticket

  TicketCo’s solution for season tickets offers brand new opportunities for organisers. Three of the main challenges are now resolved; increase of revenue, reduced costs and improved customer experience. The traditional season ticket is a physical RFID card in...

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