Doubling pre-sales through the use of data

by | Feb 13, 2020

The sales data is a fabulous tool that way too few organisers are using, according to Mads Hatlevik of Bergen Jazzfoum.

Bergen Jazzforum have been organising jazz concerts in Bergen, Norway on a regular basis since 1972, and they are one of the biggest concert organisers in western Norway with an average of 50 to 60 concerts each year. The concerts are producing a lot of sales data, and Bergen Jazzforum is using it in a very clever way to target and customise their marketing.

In December 2015 previous CEO of Bergen Jazzforum, Mads Hatlevik, shared some insights on how to use sales data to improve marketing and increase sales through TicketCo’s Norwegian blog. Within digital marketing, a time span of more than four years is close to an eternity. However, Mr Hatlevik’s comments and advice from back then is still highly relevant today, and there are no reason they they should be kept a Norwegian secret. So here are his valuable tips and insights:

  • I was almost shocked when I became aware of how few event organisers are gathering and using sales data. In Bergen Jazzforum we are gathering and using the data we collect from TicketCo, our newsletters and our home page to customise better, cheaper and more targeted campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, and we can see very explicit results.
  • We are segmenting our weekly newsletter based on a spreadsheet showing who has purchased tickets for which concerts. Those who have not purchased a ticket for the upcoming concert will receive a newsletter focusing on this concert, whilst those who have already purchased a ticket will receive a newsletter focusing on upcoming events. This way we avoid targeting our audience with irrelevant messaging.
  • We are also analysing the TicketCo generated xls-file through Datahero. There we can produce highly informative graphs, and connect TicketCo data with services like for example Google Analytics. This way we can see when people are purchasing their tickets, which may vary a lot depending on what kind of event we are promoting. Based on this intelligence we then produce Facebook ads which is being shown at the times when the conversion rate statistically is highest for each separate event.
  • Datahero is also being used to connect the TicketCo data and our Mailchimp data. Mailchimp analyses our newsletter subscribers based on how active they are when receiving our newsletters – for instance by opening it and clicking on the attached links. This cross-analysis then tells us if the upcoming event is mainly attracting our core audience, or if it also has an appeal towards an audience which normally is non-responsive to information from Bergen Jazzforum.
  • We are also running segmented and targeted campaigns on Instagram and Facebook towards our core audience. This can be early bird-offerings targeted towards our known early shoppers, or towards potential shoppers with a similar shopping behaviour and similar interests. This is both cheaper and far more efficient than Facebook’s automated targeting suggestions.
  • In addition to this we are keeping track of which of our ticket buyers who are regular concert attendees, who is going to a concert every now and then, and who is buying a Bergen Jazzforum ticket for the first time. Each of these groups will receive separate messaging throughout the year, and through these rather simple actions we have doubled our pre-sale from 30 til 60 percent during the last year.

Photo: Bergen Jazzforum / Oddbjørn Steffensen