Eastleigh FC signs TicketCo as new ticketing and sales partner

by | May 23, 2018

TicketCo continues to partner up with football clubs in England. The newest addition is the ambitious National League club Eastleigh FC.

TicketCo has partnered up with it’s second National league football club after only a few months operating in the UK. Eastleigh FC is looking to take its sales and operations to the next level and TicketCo became their natural choice.

From next season the home and away fans will purchase match tickets and season tickets faster and more convenient with the latest digital solutions for online payments. In addition, they will experience TicketCo’s lightning fast scanning technology that eliminates queuing outside the stadium.

Aiming for League Two

“Now we’re aiming for League Two, and whilst getting there TicketCo will be an important partner for us”, says Tom Coffey, who’s responsible for ticketing at Eastleigh FC.

Talks with TicketCo started in September last year and they will be up and running with the new ticketing system the coming season – a season that he also hopes to advance to the fourth level in England football.

“Both the club and the team are ready to step up now”, says Coffey.

The owner bought Sunderland

Eastleigh FC has been frequently mentioned in media the past few weeks since it became known that the club owner Stewart Donald bought the former Premier League club Sunderland.

Consequently he must sell Eastleigh FC and the club is currently on sale. Whilst the process of the new owners taking over is still on-going, what is certain is that the financial position of the club will be different after Stewart Donald. Tom Coffey is not concerned about it.

“The previous owner has done a fantastic job and established us as a solid club with financial stability and good facilities. In the future we must be economical as a club, as all clubs in level five must be. This makes great sales tools more important, which is exactly what we get with TicketCo”, Tom explains.

Big potential for Eastleigh FC

There are 24 clubs in the National League, and including training matches and cup matches, Eastleigh FC plays up to 30 matches a year at the Silverlake Stadium (Ten Acres). The club has played their home matches here since 1957.

The viewing capacity is 5,192, of which 2,700 are seated.

“Today, we receive about 2,000 visitors on average per game, but there’s potential for more. There are about 250,000 people living in our area, and we must find a way to attract these fans”, says Coffey.

Affordable football

“Making football affordable” is a prominent goal for Eastleigh FC. However, when considering the ticket prices in the Premier League, this is a powerful contrast.

“We are a club for ordinary people, both the faithful non-league football audience and families with children as well as young people who want to see a match every now and then without paying too much”, explains Coffey.

Now he is looking forward to using the new sales experience that TicketCo will put in place for the club.

“So far our ticket sales has taken place at the ticket office, with a high proportion of cash. In the future, we expect that a large part of the sales will move online, with the benefits that this ensures for the individual ticket buyer and for us as a club”, he concludes.

Eastleigh FC will also be provided the tools to revolutionise their season ticket offering, by utilising TicketCo’s digital season tickets. The unique functionality doesn’t require the club to manually handle and sending out the season tickets. It uses an auto-renewal functionality which communicates with the audience and let’s them renew with a one-click function – without the need of usernames and passwords.

The audience can enter the stadium with the season tickets the same way as with digital day tickets – by scanning the QR code on the turnstile or get it scanned from a tablet or mobile by one of the volunteers.

More football clubs around the corner

Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, CSO at TicketCo, has been a key player in the deal with Eastleigh and is delighted over the clubs optimism for the coming season. He reveals that there will be more football clubs in the portfolio before the 2018/19 season kicks off.

“We have several talks going as we speak and some of them are approaching the finish line. During the summer there will be many exciting news from the TicketCo office”, he promises.

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