Embracing digital technology with TicketCo

By Colin Ive, Founder of Gig on the Green and Chairman of Yateley United Football Club Popular community festival Gig on the Green started in 2010 as a fundraiser for its local football club Yateley United in Hampshire. The event flourished and immediately became an...

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Paul Carey joins TicketCo

“Diesel generators and single use plastic are sustainability bad guys in the festival industry, with paper tickets following close by. We will see a big change within the festival industry in the next few years when it comes to sustainability and TicketCo will be an...

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The first Great Swedish Beer Festival was a success!

The very first Great Swedish Beer Festival (in Malmö, Sweden) kicked off on Saturday the 26th of October. This festival was the brainchild of two Swedes with a passion for Swedish craft beer. TicketCo was in charge of providing the app that made the experience run...

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Killing cash in Scotland

It is time to kill cash. This will be the core message when TicketCo co-founder and CSO Carl-Erik Moberg Michalsen and TicketCo UK Key Account Manager Joe Edwards - along with Mungo Finlayson of MFGF Events Ltd - meets up with Scottish event organisers at ETAG Digital...

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Preparing for a contactless festival summer

"Contactless festival" is the working title for TicketCo’s upcoming news for the festival season 2020 – a payment solution that eliminates top-up of cashfree cards or apps without loss of customer data, and a card reader that runs offline if the network is down or the...

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Cashless payments are the way to do it

Most festival organisers and managers will probably agree that handling cash is a burden. It is not just a safety risk, it is also time consuming and demands a lot of manual operations both prior to and after the event. Therefor, Mungo and Guy from MFGF Events decided to use TicketCo for both ticketing and on-site payments.

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Checklist For Festival Organisers

Planning and organising a festival, like any other event is highly intensive. Regardless of how long the planning period has been, how big the professional staff is or how big (or small) the actual festival is; for every festival the actual execution will be tense and...

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Wheels and Fins featuring Ministry of Sound

“This is a great example of how clients can join forces and benefit from each other,” says TicketCo's UK Country Manager David Kenny. The story he's referring to is the Ministry of Sound-stage at Wheels and Fins Festival at Sunday 8th of September, which was initiated...

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