Football club breaks record with digital season ticket sales

by | Jan 10, 2019

Attractive early bird-offers and a smooth and easy customer buying process has secured the best ever season ticket sales for SK Brann, three months before the Norwegian football season kicks off late March.

Unlike in the UK, the Norwegian football season starts in March and ends in November. This means that the days before Christmas is vital when it comes to season ticket sales, as the most dedicated fans treats their families with tickets for the next season as Christmas gifts.

SK Brann finished third last season, behind Rosenborg and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Molde FK. After leading the campaign for most of the season this was a huge disappointment for the fans, but it shows no effect on the season ticket sales for the upcoming season.

Easy does it

By the end of 2018 some 4,571 SK Brann-supporters had bought season tickets for 2019. This is more than a ten percent increase from last year, when 4,070 supporters had secured their season tickets prior to New Year’s Eve.

Head of commerce in SK Brann, Camilla Schutz, explained why.

“I think our supporters find our early bird-offer attractive and our customer buying process easy. Besides this we’ll have a new stand next season, which of course is a plus,” she told the club’s own news page.

A remarkable change

SK Brann experienced a digital break-through this winter. Two years after the club switched to TicketCo their fans are finding it considerably easier to renew their season tickets online.

In 2018, a total of 69 percent have renewed their season tickets online. So far for the upcoming season, the equivalent number is 79 percent. Prior to the TicketCo switch the online share was 25 percent, so the change has been remarkable.

A major supplier in Norway

Almost half of the Norwegian top league is using TicketCo, and SK Brann is not alone when it comes to experiencing great sales. In November we posted a story about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Molde FK and the immediate impact the switch to TicketCo had on their season ticket sales.

In the UK, Solihull Moors is another success story, yet in an initial phase.

England, Scotland, Sweden and Poland

“Season card sales are of vital importance to football clubs, regardless of size or nationality. The success our Norwegian clubs are experiencing is duly noticed in both England, Scotland, Sweden and Poland, where we are making great progress after our recent market introductions. There will be breaking news coming out from these markets in the near future,” said TicketCo co-founder and CSO Carl-Erik M Moberg in response to the strong numbers at SK Brann.

In the meantime SK Brann is steady going, aiming to break yet another record. When the season kicks off March 30th, Camilla Shultz and her colleagues are hoping their over-all season card sales numbers are well above the 2017 record of 7,130.

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