Four things this organiser did to increase ticket sales

Oct 20, 2017


By using IPad’s along with an integrated card reader this festival increased their sales significantly.

UKEN is among Norway’s largest student festivals, gathering huge crowds for weeks of fun every second year. With a sales budget of 30,000 tickets the risk is high, and with volunteers in every thinkable position the possibilities of failure are many. At the same time, running a festival on pure enthusiasm gives the operation an immense force. UKEN gathers the happiest crowds in Norway, and the festival is very well managed. In the following, ticketing manager Isak Solli of UKEN shares how the festival organised the ticket sales at last years festival, and how it made positive impact.

1. Pop up shop in the middle of the city


Many years ago we invested in a old green bus to host our pop up shop. Over the years this bus has become somewhat of a hallmark for UKEN, and when it appears in the town square people knows that there’s a new festival coming up. From this mobile pop up shop people can buy tickets, ask us questions about the upcoming events as well as getting to know us better. By using an iPad and a card reader that is integrated with the ticketing system our shifting sales crew all have real time overview of the ticket sales for each event, and they can also generate reports for the accounting department.

2. Boots on the ground


We also have a mobile team that travels around to schools, shopping centres, parks, and other places where the potential ticket buyers might be. Using the iPhone app from the ticketing system together with the card reader enables them to receive payments and distribute tickets right there and then. Marketing through social media and other places is good, but nothing beats talking directly to the audience, advising them on what concerts to go to. Since everybody nowadays is carrying around credit cards it is fairly quick and easy to close the ticket sale there and then.

3. Sales competition = Make it fun


People love to compete. When our teams travels around to sell tickets with their phone and card readers we can track every sale from each person as well as who sold the most tickets. This gives an extra kick to their motivation, and it’s a fun way to increase the overall sales for the festival.By being present and pro active at events, our sales team are able to sell tickets for concerts and shows that was unfamiliar to the ticket buyers. These tickets would probably not have been sold if our team was not present and could up sell.

4. Tickets available 24/7


With our old ticketing system, we had to close down the online sales hours before we opened the ticket sales in the door to avoid double sales. This was a big problem since the audience at the day of the event could not know if it would be sold out or not.Now we are able to keep the sales open online the same time as we sell in the door. This means that the audience can buy tickets with their phone on the way to the venue, standing in the queue or online before they decide to go out. It also enables us to use completely new marketing tools like facebook live to stimulate the audience to buy there and then.

If people want to come to the door they still have that opportunity since everything is integrated. In 2017 you can´t close down online sales.

Back to basics


TicketCo´s CSO Carl-Erik M Moberg says that UKEN is a great example of a festival that uses every aspect of the TicketCo sales system.
“Nowadays every organiser are considering how they can utilise digital marketing to sell more tickets. We deliver great tools for this, but sometimes what gives you an edge is the ability to get out of the office and talk to your customers. Organisers are able to receive card payments for their events at pop up ticket shops as well as in the door”, he claims. Moberg says that increasing the sales with only 10 % might be the difference between success and failure, and that such an improvement may be achievable by implementing the simple steps which UKEN has proved that are working. “After the event the integration between TicketCo and iZettle makes the accountant smile not only because of the numbers, but also as every sale is in the same report. Lots of hour saved, lots of tickets sold,” Moberg finishes.

Written by TicketCo

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