Four year renewal for IAAF Diamond League Oslo Bislett Games

by | Sep 30, 2019

After a very successful one year trial agreement, IAAF Diamond League Oslo Bislett Games has extended its partnership with TicketCo for four more years. Its senior managements team are now looking forward to utilising the marketing tools in the platform.

“For this years event we only used the ticketing features, but now we will dig into the marketing features as well. We are looking forward to doing so, after a busy few days since we opened the sales for next year’s competition a few days ago,” said Head of Marketing Anne Mette Undlien Haug of Bislett Alliansen – who are the organisers of the IAAF Diamond League Oslo Bislett Games.

Life long attendees

Ticket reservation is serious business at Bislett Games. As an elite track and field competition, specific seating can mean more for the spectators than at other sports events – since the different exercises are held at different spots on the pitch.

We have attendees who have been with us since the start, and many of these have had the same seat every year. We wanted to secure these regulars their preferred seats before opening up the ticket sales for the general public. As soon as we had that in place we went on general sale, said Mrs Undlien Haug.

Aiming for a full house

This year’s competition sold out, and she is hoping that next year’s event will do the same – if possible even faster. The chances are fair.

We have two important prerequisites in place. Most important is probably the great success we are experiencing within Norwegian sport these days. On top of that we now have an efficient sales tool which is thoroughly tested and suits our purpose perfectly, she said.

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Hands-on and self-serviced

Mrs Undlien Haug highlighted the many self-service abilities as one of the greatest benefits of the TicketCo platform, compared to the system they used before.

Our previous system left us with very limited options to administrate the tools ourselves. For setting up or making changes to the event, we had to call for assistance. It has been a massive improvement for me to be able to control these things myself. Today I’m hands-on, and I can make both reservations and codes without having to wait for others, she said.


That said, there will of course be situations where we will need help from TicketCo. On those occasions TicketCo’s Customer Success agents have been a tremendous support. That goes for our ticket buyers as well. We have had clients who have purchased the wrong ticket type, as well as ticket buyers with very limited digital knowledge. They have all received excellent service, Mrs Undlien Haug added.

High average age means support needs

The average age for the IAAF Diamond League Oslo Bislett Games attendees is quite high, and although they have a fair amount of children and youngsters among the crowd, there is also a high amount of the older generation. Even though the TicketCo purchasing routines are logical and simple, the organiser is aware that some support is required given the age mix.

The number of ticket buyers who need or directly ask us for help is significantly lower with TicketCo than with our previous supplier, said the Head of Marketing.

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Next year’s event

The ticket sales for IAAF Diamond League Oslo Bislett Games will have several peaks from now and until the event in June next year.

The first rush is already behind us, and the next one is expected to be prior to Christmas, as we know that Bislett Games tickets are a very popular Christmas gift. Then we expect a rush after the indoor season in March, and the last peak prior to the event in June, said Mrs Undlien Haug.

The next IAAF Diamond League Oslo Bislett Games will take place on Thursday 11th of June 2020.