From cashless to cardless

by | Oct 5, 2018

“You are all welcome to visit us next time you are in London. Just drop me a text message if you’re in the Shoreditch area,” was the clear message to the participants from TicketCo’s CSO Carl-Erik M Moberg during the Wild Wild West music festival in Bergen, Norway recently.

The relationship between the Norwegian event payments platform and the Wild Wild West festival goes years back. TicketCo used the festival to announce their cooperation with iZettle a few years ago, and this year Mr Moberg had more news to the participants – many of them from outside Norway.

A game changer

“Everybody talks about cashless. Next year TicketCo will launch cardless payments. This will bring us miles ahead of the rest of the event payments industry,” he told a responsive audience.

This highly disruptive payment solution is in fact ready developed, but it will need a public authorisation to go live due to the radical changes of payment structure it will lead to.

“We are in process with the Norwegian financial authorities, and this forthcoming licence will be valid throughout the EU area. This will give TicketCo and our clients a huge advantage, and an ability to cut costs and rock the industry in ways yet not seen,” Mr Moberg told the festival participants.

Growing fast, aiming high

“In the future bank terminals will vanish and payments will be truly mobile. Both sellers and their customers will settle through mobile technology. We are fairly sure that this will lead to lower costs for tickets or goods purchased through TicketCo. In TicketCo we are now preparing for this new reality through our application for an e-money authorisation. This will create a brand new situation for our organisers and their vast audience,” he added.

TicketCo entered the UK market last year, and are now preparing launches in both Sweden and Poland.

“We are growing fast, and we are aiming high. So far we have conducted more than 27,000 small or big events through the TicketCo platform, and we are rock solid when it comes to performance. Still we have just seen the beginning of the TicketCo adventure. When we have the e-money authorisation well secured in a few months, we will disrupt the industry in ways not yet seen,” Mr Moberg predicted.

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