From Spotify to TicketCo

by | Sep 19, 2018

The TicketCo train is speeding up and adding two more wagons. Both Sweden and Poland are now hooked on to the fast rolling event payments platform, and TicketCo’s new Country Manager in Sweden – Stefan Palmquist – is eager to rock the Swedish event industry.

“It was friends at iZettle who recommended me to take a close look at TicketCo. After leaving Spotify and founding the music agency Dist Sthlm along with Johan Ramström, I’ve been eager to spot the next tech rocket in the music and event industry. TicketCo might very well be it,” says Stefan Palmquist.

From Spotify to TicketCo

His career at Spotify started in July 2009 as a Key Account Manager. When he left the highly successful Swedish digital music, podcast and video streaming service in November 2016, he was Sales Director for the Nordic region. Less than two years later he now joins another Scandinavian tech enterprise.

“TicketCo sure is a tech company, but what we are serving is the event industry. I think that the buzz and excitement you get from a live concert, going to your favourite festival or watching a match from the stands really never can be replaced with a digital experience. Live events bring people together and put us in touch with real emotions, I think the need for this is in our DNA,” says the new Country Manager.

Need for disruption

He has clear thought of the event industry and its future challenges.

“In the last decades of digitalisation of the entertainment industry we’ve seen a massive change in how content has become available on new platforms to be consumed wherever and whenever we want. In parallell with this evolution the event industry has grown stronger and stronger year over year. Sweden is probably one of the best markets to illustrate this change, and I’m really looking forward to continue my career in this industry from a new angle,” says Stefan Palmquist.

“That said, the event industry has struggled to keep up with new technology and consumer needs. This means that a lot of services and experiences before, during and after the live event needs to be developed and disrupted to meet up to the expectations of consumers today and tomorrow,” he adds.

Event payments made easy

The TicketCo operations in Sweden is set to start January 1st 2019. Until then Stefan Palmquist is busy setting up meetings and to demonstrate the many innovative features in the payment platform.

“One major similarity between Spotify and TicketCo is the simplicity. TicketCo is made by actual organisers in close collaboration with other organisers, and this makes a huge difference compared to more or less user-hostile ticketing and sales solutions on the market. The business idea of TicketCo is Event payments made easy, and that is a quite accurate statement. This is much more than a ticketing solution. It is an unified platform for efficient event payments, designed to minimize work and maximize sale,” he says.

Creating memories for life

In TicketCo, Stefan Palmquist sees a committed team, a strong product and market fit, an expanding global market and solutions that are driving results for clients and partners.

“We share a common vision about a brighter and more sustainable future for live experiences and the event industry. For me personally, to be in the ‘creating memories for life industry’ feels incredibly inspiring. And to be able to help clients and partners in both music and sports is nothing but a dream come true,” he states.

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