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by | Oct 30, 2020

An excellent customer journey or existing systems and integrations? The TicketCo Media Services product together with our newly developed questions module lets you have both, and tells you who’s attending your virtual events.

Over the last few weeks TicketCo Media Services have experienced quite a break through in the theatre segment in UK, with Wise Children’s massive streaming success of Romantics Anonymous as the most obvious eye opener. More than 11,000 virtual tickets sold for five performances at Bristol Old Vic is remarkable, especially compared to the 2,700 physical tickets the company would have been able to sell for five nights at the 540 capacity theatre.

Even so, there has been hesitation amongst some of the UK theatres to utilise TicketCo Media Services, due to CRM reasons.

“One of the questions we have been asked is related to the CRM needs of the theatres,” said TicketCo’s Global Key Account Manager Joe Edwards.

TicketCo already has open APIs related to customer data, an important area that will also develop in the future. In cases where automation through APIs is not possible, TicketCo has developed a very simple workaround that involves getting structured data directly from the services that can be uploaded directly into a CRM system.

Technology designed to create value and drive sales

“Innovation never stops, and that is why a product like TicketCo Media Services continuously will be developed to meet our customers needs. We have come far in a very short time, and we are very proud of what we have achieved both when it comes to our product and to our customers’ feedback,” said Mr Edwards. “At the same time, with technology there will always be some gaps, but these are normally closed efficiently through dialogue with our customers. Our product is built on a new platform that makes it very adaptable and easy to work with,” said Mr Edwards.

The questions module in the TicketCo platform is an excellent example of customer driven development.

“Very often business objectives is limited by limits in tech. It should be the other way around. Technology is designed to create value and drive sales,” he added.

Safety, user friendliness and simplicity

  • In general, smooth customer journeys are important to drive sales
  • A user friendly customer journey is also important to make the customers want to come back
  • Organisers should therefore put their audience and their revenue needs first

“TicketCo Media Services is a brilliant tool for paywall distribution of live or recorded content. It is easy for the organiser to set up and utilise, and it is even easier for the ticket buyers to use. The customer journey is flawless in both ends, and the only manual work worth mentioning for the organiser will be the labour related to the questions module.”

“For organisers who adapt to this way of working, the rest of their track will be profitable, fast and free of obstacles. TicketCo Media Services is built on the top of the TicketCo event payments platform. This secures a friction-less customer journey within a well tested sales platform created with safety, user friendliness and simplicity as three major objectives,” said TicketCo’s Global Key Account Manager.

This is how it works

The TicketCo question module is super easy to use to collect data. After creating an event and ticket types in the platform you simply create the questions you would like to ask and connect them to the ticket type. When the ticket buyer makes a purchase they will answer your questions, either voluntarily or obligatory.

This data will be fed straight into TicketCo and you can access it whenever you want from wherever you want. After all it is your customer data. TicketCo is just the data processor.

What our customers say

Simon Baker, Wise Children technical director:

“We are thrilled that with TicketCo Media Services support via live streaming and ticketing, we are able to deliver a show that was not only of high quality but also financially viable too. I would urge my theatre colleagues across the UK to explore the options available. By live streaming the performances, we managed to more than quadruple our total audience, and that’s only considering people that purchased tickets. We now know that there is a new audience beyond the auditorium.” Simon Baker, Wise Children technical director

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Bengi Unsal, Senior Contemporary Music Programmer at the Southbank Centre:

“There are clear examples of these events being monetisable and economically viable, without comprising artistic integrity or production values – take Laura Marling’s Union Chapel gig or Lianne La Havas’ Roundhouse event, for example. With seemingly limitless viewer capacity online, where the content is compelling, audiences will pay. We just must insist that the artist sees the benefit directly.

“Long-term, this could also be a way of democratising live events and improving access for those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to attend in person, either for physical or economic reasons.”

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