How will the new refunding solution work in TicketCo?

by | Mar 25, 2020

We have now deployed the new automated refund solution in TicketCo, designed to support organisers to manage mass refund requests for events cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Event organisers should use this new functionality to help them manage operational resource and handle larger volumes of requests. Our R&D have worked on the new solution since the outbreak of COVID-19 to support organisers during this time and it represents a more suitable tool than our traditional refund functionality.

Previously we have informed you that you should consider to postpone your event rather than cancel it, if this is possible. Read more here: Voucher instead of a refund

For those of you who need to cancel events, please read how guide below to help you utilise the new supportive refund function.

Our automated refund solution works like this:

  1. If you need to cancel, we recommend you to use the “Contact attendees” function in your event at the platform.
    • When you pass your messages through this feature, TicketCo will forward these messages to anyone who has purchased tickets and was registered with an e-mail address when they purchased. Inform them of the reason for the cancellation.
  2. You should then use the “Cancel event” function which is available in your event.
    • Fill in the form.
      • Specify the reason for your cencellation. This information will not be passed onwards to your ticket buyers, but is for internal TicketCo use only. (Marked with (1) in the image below)
      • You will then have the possibility to ask your ticket buyers to forgo their right to a refund. If you choose to do so, please fill in an appealing text for this purpose. This text will then show in the “Refunding email” which will be sent out to your audience. (Marked with (2) in the image below)
      • You will also have the possibility to let your ticket buyers exchange their ticket(s) into a voucher with an equal value as their ticket(s). This voucher can then be used the same way as a gift card. It can be used for your events only within the TicketCo platform, and it can be used for any future event you will organise and make available through the platform. It will be valid in three years, according to the general rules and maximum validity of gift cards. For this feature it will also be possible to fill in an appealing text, to encourage your audience to choose this option. (Marked with (3) in the image below)
  3. Then “Submit”.
    • When the cancellation form has been deployed, a support ticket will automatically be created at TicketCo for further follow-up in our end.
  4. Next, our Customer Success team will undergo your event and review the form you have deployed. This is for control purposes.
    • One of the considerations during this review is whether or not it is likely that you will have future events in our platform. This is needed for the ticket buyers to be able to use their vouchers. We do understand that many of our organisers are in a very difficult situation right now, and maybe not have laid detailed future plans. We will contact you before we conclude.
  5. After our Customer Success team have concluded, we will start an automated e-mail distribution towards your ticket buyers.
    • They will then receive an e-mail from TicketCo similar to this illustration:
    • If all three options are activated the ticket buyers then can make one out of three options.
      • Forgo their debt.
        • In these cases your appeal in the cancellation form will be important, as it will show in the e-mail. (Marked with (1) in the image above)
      • Swap the ticket for a voucher.
        • In these cases your voucher appeal in the cancellation form will be important, as it will show in the e-mail. (Marked with (2) in the image above)
        • TicketCo will not charge the ticket buyers who chooses this option, which means that it will pay off to make this choice.
      • Execution of a refund process.
        • The user will in these cases be guided through a process ending in that TicketCo will trigger a refund in the system. When this is done TicketCo will start an automated process which will lead to a payback. Technically this will happen through a reversed card transaction, and a process like this will normally take 1-5 days.

You can find additional information from our Customer Success team here: How to cancel an event

Please be aware that only ticket buyers who have purchased online will be able to receive the e-mail and to use the refund feature. By online means orders made through a desktop browser, mobile browser out TicketCo’s Wallet app. Any other sales channel will not be covered by this solution, and you will need to make manual refunds in these cases.

We hope you receive sympathy from your ticket buyers in these dark times, and that people appreciate and reach out to the event industry who have seen great losses according to the corona virus. We hope that our forgo and voucher solutions will minimise your loss is a situation where a cancellation is your only option.

TicketCo will continue to work relentlessly with the development of features that can generate income streams during the next weeks and months, and we will keep all organisers informed along the way. During the corona crisis our R&D team will focus on measures to help you as an organiser the best way possible, as we hope for this crisis to end as soon as possible and life to return to the normal.

Written by TicketCo

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