How you can be the puppet master rather than the puppet

by | Jul 15, 2020

In order to be able to go on and play gigs, artists need to take control over their audience. That is one of many conclusions recently delivered by the Welsh musician, teacher and founding director of The Brighton Institute of Modern Music, Damian Keyes, through his YouTube channel. The clever combination of TicketCo and TicketCo TV is a way for artists to do so.

Damien Keyes recently brought the news that the global promoter Live Nation will be reducing fees (alongside other stipulations) paid to artists by 20%, with an aim to also renegotiate thousands of shows that have been postponed.

His YouTube clip (which you can find here) has got more than 1,000 comments, and it has definitely hit a nerve.

“As musicians we have to have control,” is one of Damian Keyes statements in the 14 minutes clip. “We do not need a record label anymore. But we do need to be able to go on and play gigs. In order to do that, we do need control over our audience. We now have the ability to do that, but it’s tough. So you have to learn how this works. We are in a time where – if you are not in control – you are gonna get eaten alive because labels will have a big loan on you. They will say ‘yes, we’ll give you the money, but we’ll expect it back 300% on everything and then we owe you’. And now it looks like Live Nation will do the same. The only way you can get around it is if you are in control of moving forward.”

He continues:

“You also need to be able to understand the basic Facebook ads so that you can get the right message to the right people. So therefore while you are building your audience and using Facebook ads to build your audience you can sell to them – whether that’s merch or your own tickets. Yes, I understand, it’s not the desired perfect way of doing things, but right now needs must.”

And then, as a conclusion, Damien Keyes delivers this powerful statement:

“If we are going to boycott the system, there is only one way of doing that, and that is for you to not be the puppet, but to be the puppet master. We have to take control, and the way of doing that is for you to understand how the new system works.”

Gain control through TicketCo

We couldn’t agree more, and we have a sound advice to all artists out there – regardless of size and genre – who want to build an audience which they will have direct access to for both marketing, ticket sales, plus up-selling:

Sign up with TicketCo! There are no subscription fees, and a TicketCo account will enable you gain control over the monetising parts of your career.

  • You can sell tickets online and at the door for your concerts
  • You can sell virtual tickets to live streamed events
  • You can broadcast these streams through our fully integrated TicketCo TV
  • You can combine physical and virtual tickets and expand your capacity through hybrid events
  • You can do up-selling of merchandise as part of the ticketbuyer’s customer journey
  • You can even monetise your pre-recorded digital content through the video on demand feature within TicketCo TV

Reach beyond your capacity

Don’t let fragmentation ruin your brand if you are planning to do pay per view live streaming or video on demand. TicketCo and TicketCo TV is the market’s only fully integrated ticketing and streaming solution.

Don’t limit yourself to a live capacity when you’re once again allowed to play gigs. Reach beyond the capacity through hybrid events and the combination of physical and virtual tickets.

Make sure you choose the only non-fragmented hybrid solution on the market when doing so. TicketCo TV is hosted by Amazon Web Services, and offers a smooth customer journey and unlimited virtual scalability.

Ownership to your own customer data

With TicketCo and TicketCo TV you’ll have full ownership to your customer data, and through a variety of integrated marketing tools you can reach out to your audience with distinct precision.

There are no subscription fees whatsoever. All you pay for the service is a fixed and highly competitive percentage of your turnover.

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