Hybrid events new normal for live shows

by | Jul 30, 2020

“Giving venues, artists and event organisers the power through technology to get out there and start bringing in revenue again – that is really what the whole TicketCo TV platform is built on,” said TicketCo TV Key Account Manager Paul Carey when interviewed by the English broadcast journalist, TV presenter, writer and filmmaker Steve Hargrave on Wednesday July 29th.

The backdrop for the interview was the present COVID-19 situation, with theatres throughout Britain now gradually re-opening, but with great uncertainty on when – if ever – things will be back to normal within the live events industry.

“My guess is late ‘21, more likely ‘22,” said Marc Geiger, until recently the head of music at WME and one of the founders of Lollapalooza, when he recently was asked when he expects concerts to return. Read this story here. (External link)

When asked what the solution for the live event industry may be in such a situation, Paul Carey pointed out hybrid events with a combination of physical and virtual tickets available for the audience to choose whether to attend the venue or to bring the venue and the actual event into their own living room through pay-per-view live streaming.

The hybrid solution is going to be part of ‘the new normal’ as we see it. The Corona-virus has meant reduced capacity. So what do you do to pick up the rest of the revenue you’d normally been earning? Well, the solution is to go online and to live stream the event,” stated the TicketCo TV Key Account Manager.

You can view the whole ‘The future of the live event industry – Hybrid Events’ webinar below. Viewing time 22 minutes.

About us:

At TicketCo we have built our business on providing an easy to use digital platform for event organisers, artists, and venues to sell tickets and market their events. We have always been at the forefront of developing our own technology to adapt and provide a service and platform that is relevant in the digital age.

When lockdown hit the industry the team at TicketCo soon realised it was an opportunity and the company invested in R&D to develop and launch TicketCo TV, a new pay per view live streaming and video on demand service. It is combined with our ticketing platform so organisers and artists can monetise digital content and events.