In the room technology shapes future of affordable event delivery

by | Apr 28, 2021

A partnership marrying professional event production with an integrated streaming and payment platform has been formed to deliver successful online and hybrid events.

Platform 1 from PSL Technology Group uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide artists and businesses with a professional framework to broadcast concerts, presentations, talks and conferences via virtual studio sets. It combines In The Room technology with On The Set creation to merge multiple screens from remote users into one and put people in a room together on a virtual set in front of an online audience. To provide clients with a complete digital package, PSL Technology has partnered with TicketCo Media Services to combine its studio production solutions with a ticketing and streaming platform.

Quality production values

Martin Dyckhoff, Director of Platform 1 at PSL Technology Group said: “Businesses have adapted and delivered events online in the past year and the production quality has varied greatly. Poor quality productions have been accepted in the circumstances, but companies now need online events to match the values of their brands.

“Platform 1 provides all the tools and support people need to produce professional online content and the beauty is it can be done remotely. The days of watching lots of people in boxes on a screen can now be banished to the history books.

We have partnered with TicketCo Media Services to provide a full solution to clients so that once content has been created, we have the means to broadcast it via one platform that combines bookings, transactions and streaming. We’re pleased to partner with such an innovative business which, like ourselves, is dedicated to professional event delivery.”

Green screen technology

Based on the M4-corridor in Newbury, Berkshire, PSL Technology Group has a studio boasting a O2 Arena sized stage equipped with full height lighting, sound and video technology. Using Green Screen technology, Platform 1 places performers or presenters in any location they wish. Fully flexible multi-element feeds allow the set to move and appear live as a broadcast happens – making ‘outside’ broadcasts turn from day to night, if required. Additionally, Contributor Capture ensures people in different locations can appear to be in the same setting – making seamless remote global conferences possible.

Mr Dyckhoff added: “Events delivered via Platform 1 can be live streamed or edited for on-demand broadcast. We can provide every level of mixing for fully virtual and hybrid events using studio, venue or contributor feeds which are ingested into the mixing platform. We would thoroughly recommend TicketCo Media Services to monetise events, they do a fantastic job and make event delivery seamless at a highly competitive rate.”

Seamless service

Paul Carey, Global Partnerships Manager at TicketCo Media Services, said: “This is a compelling partnership that provides organisations with the means to create exceptional digital content and broadcast it online via one seamless service. It further opens professional digital events to everyone. We are looking forward to working with PSL Technology Group and helping deliver some fantastic events and content online.”

PSL Technology Group is a creative event production company serving the event, music, film, TV and commercial sectors. It specialises in studio operations in live, online and hybrid events in the corporate and private sectors.
For further information, visit PSL Technology Group’s website or email

TicketCo Media Services is a cloud-based event payment and online broadcasting company, with offices in Norway, the UK, Netherlands, and Sweden. Its technology combines event payments with live streaming and on-demand services.

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Written by Shaun Reynolds

Communications advisor and expert storyteller with Fortitude Communications. A former news reporter and sports editor of five years across several UK regional titles. Experienced in photography and social media management with a passion for the outdoors.



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