Innovation partnership launched to support artists and venues

by | Apr 7, 2021

In a unique celebration of live music, Exit Live and TicketCo Media Services have formed an innovation partnership to benefit artists and venues delivering digital events.

The two event industry tech platforms have joined forces to provide artists and venues with increased opportunity to showcase performances and improve reach globally. The partnership means artists and venues can enhance their offerings to fans by combining live streaming, on-demand, and audio recordings.

Exit Live records shows and makes the audio available for audiences to purchase. Created by and for artists Exit Live shares 80% of proceeds directly with artists and cuts in venues. Ticket Media Services is an integrated live streaming, on-demand and digital ticketing platform.

The partnership means artists and venues can enhance their offerings to fans combining live streaming, on-demand, and audio recordings.

Pascal de Mul, CEO of Exit Live, said: “It is amazing that we are able to do this with such great innovators like TicketCo, who make organising a live stream so easy. We were set up to help any artist deliver live music to their fans worldwide and this partnership helps us take it to a new level. Live Music has had a difficult year, but we are turning the corner and getting ready for an intense live season.”

David Kenny, Head of Global Partnerships at TicketCo Media Services said: “Our technology was created to make events even more accessible by facilitating digital and hybrid. Exit Live share a similar vision and are also disruptors and we look forward to working together to deliver new ways to consume entertainment.”

Exit live and TicketCo Media Services combined services are now available. They can host a performance live or on-demand on the TicketCo platform. Once the event is set up the audio can be extracted and made available for wider sale via Exit Live.

Media Services enables monetising possibilities for pay-per-view events, offering a peerless one-stop shop with a friction-less customer journey within a well-tested sales platform. The HD quality broadcast can be viewed on any device that the viewer opts to use, including Apple TV, Android TV or Fire TV app as well as mobiles, tablets or desktops.

TicketCo Media Services has recently been used to broadcast content online by venues and companies including the Royal Albert Hall, Southbank Centre, Wise Children and Tall Stories.

Exit Live was started to solve a simple problem: fans today cannot relive the live shows that they have been to, and the ones that they have missed. Exit Live works for and with artists to record shows, and then makes them available for purchase by audiences and fans all over the world. Created by and for artists as a real celebration of live music, Exit Live shares up to 80% of the proceeds directly with the artists, and cuts in the venues, offering a welcome new income stream in live music.

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