Invitation to participate in a survey

by | Sep 16, 2020

Topic: How has COVID-19 affected the event industry, and what are organisers’ thoughts about the future?

The European event industry has now been closed or heavily restrained for half a year due to the COVID-19 virus. Since the lockdown in March we have witnessed a modest reopening, but we have also seen setbacks. Nobody knows how long the industry will have to deal with COVID-19, and nobody knows what the event industry will look like when the crisis has passed.

In this situation it is of great value to share the concerns across the event industry, and how organisers have faced the crisis so far. That is why TicketCo conducted a customer survey in June, where more than 2,500 TicketCo organisers across Norway, Sweden and the UK were asked the same questions regarding the crisis and their thoughts for the future.

The key results from this survey can be found at this page: Hybrid is the new normal

Now, three months later, we are conducting the very same survey. This will tell us – and you – if there have been any significant changes across the industry since June. We have also added a few extra questions at the end that should also be of great public interest.

Hopefully we can now borrow 2-3 more minutes of your time for the greater good of the whole event industry. By participating to this survey you will make a valuable contribution to the end result, which of course will be shared with all TicketCo organisers across Europe.

Find the survey here