Jakob Hellman streaming live from Mallorca

by | Feb 5, 2021

He claims to have been born between the mirror and the grammophone, and he had a remarkable debut in 1989 with the album … och stora havet. Then he went quiet for 32 years. Now he’s back, and with his new album Äntligen borta Swedish legend Jakob Hellman is top of the charts in Sweden. On Friday 26 February he will be streaming live from Palma Music Studios at Mallorca.

“This will be so great. Jakob Hellman is the artist that everybody back in Sweden is takling about these days, and it will be so nice to see him back in Palma Music Studios, where many of the songs at his new album was recorded,” said producer and songwriter Fredrik Thomander.

He has been managing the remarkable Palma Music Studios at Mallorca as CEO and co-owner since 2017, and prior to this he has worked with artists such as N’Sync, Arashi, Scorpions, Girls Generation, Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA), Kim Wilde and many more.

“Jakob is a regular guest here at Palma Music Studios. He lives down here with his family, and he drops by us every once in a while to say hello and listen to whatever it may be that we’re working on right then. He is a legend back in Sweden, and his debut album is considered to be the best Swedish record of the 20th century. Then he just vanished from the record industry, which of course has built somewhat of an aura around him. It is so great to have him back, and we are really looking forward to the 26th of February,” said the Palma Music Studios CEO.

With heavy travel restrictions throughout Europe due to COVID-19, the pay-per-view live streamed event from Palma Music Studios marks a rare occasion for the Swedish audience (and everyone lese) to see Jakob Hellman live this winter.

“Live music like it used to be, in front of a live audience, seems like a distant dream right now. But until we once again can gather on a sticky floor with a nice cold beer in our hand, pay-per-view concerts is a great way to experience live concerts. We have done a few streaming events at Palma Music Studios already, with great success. We also had Jakob present recently for a rehersal that went really well, and before Christmas he took part in a charity event we staged and streamed through TicketCo Media Services.”

“Now we are looking forward to an exclusive Jakob Hellman pay-per-view concert with great expectations, and we hope everyone will tune in,” said Mr Thomander.

The virtual tickets for the Jakob Hellman concert goes on sale at Friday 5 February. Find tickets.

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Written by Tom Rasmussen

Chief Communication Officer at TicketCo. Experienced public relations adviser and strategic narrativ creator with a broad background as promotor, manager and producer from the arts and entertainment industry. Also background from publishing and public administration. Hibernating novelist and retired drummer.

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