Joining forces with the fintech cluster

by | May 29, 2018

Finance Innovation is an association and innovation cluster of banks, financing companies, insurance companies, tech companies and educational and research institutions working on the financial services and solutions of tomorrow. The cluster has set ambitious goals on innovation, growth and value creation, and aim to increase export of Norwegian fintech to international and global markets.

This spring TicketCo joined Finance Innovation, and TicketCo CEO Kaare Bottolfsen is looking forward to a rewarding membership.

“Our vision is to create the global standard for all types of event payments, which puts us right in the middle of what this cluster is all about,” he states.

Earlier this year he held a presentation of TicketCo’s transformation from ticketing to a full scale event payments provider at a meeting held by Finance Innovation. A summary of this meeting can be read here. (External page, in Norwegian only)

Frictionless payments

“On our journey across the event market we’ve experienced the vast challenges the event organisers must deal with when it comes to payments. Our ticketing technology has appreciated the urgent need for frictionless payments,”

This recognition has among other things given birth to TicketCo’s Cashless F&B solutions, and new features developed to ease payments will follow.

Making things easy

Event payments made easy is TicketCo’s business idea, quite similar to the Finance Innovation pay-off Finance made easy. According to Bottolfsen, this reflects equal values.

“Innovation is about solving known challenges in new and better ways. Besides creative solutions, user friendliness is the main driving force for the product development within TicketCo,” he says.

“The consequence of this is that we no longer define ourselves as a ticketing provider. That was where we started, for sure, but our path forward is to embrace everything connected to event payments, and to develop the ultimate sales tool for event organisers of all sorts. We recognise this position as open world wide, and TicketCo is brilliantly positioned to impound this spot,” Bottolfsen states.

E-money licence

As part of this transformation, TicketCo is in the process of obtaining an E-money licence.

“This will be vital for our forthcoming innovation and business modeling, and it will differentiate us further from our competitors,” Bottolfsen predicts.

Hoping to share inspiration and knowledge

The TicketCo CEO have great expectations to the Finance Innovation membership.

“We are looking forward to be a part of a cluster which may supply both inspiration and knowledge related to our core product – which is payments. Finance Innovation is an important arena for TicketCo. Hopefully we can contribute to the community with our experiences regarding technology development and internationalisation,” he finishes.

Paves the path

CEO, Atle Sivertsen, of Finance Innovation is very happy that TicketCo finds it valuable to be a member of the innovation cluster which is supported by Innovation Norway.

“The company is an excellent example that solutions developed in Norway can succeed internationally. There is still an un-tapped potential in helping more Norwegian companies go international, but great examples like TicketCo paves the path so that more capitalise on the financial opportunities of export,” he states.

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