Korros Ensemble smash charity fundraising goal via online concerts

by | Jan 5, 2021

The Korros Ensemble entered the unknown when it filmed, produced, and broadcast a winter concert online for the first time, in aid of children’s charity Barnardo’s via TicketCo Media Services.

Critically acclaimed classical music trio Nick Ellis, Eliza Marshall and Camilla Pay have a wealth of experience working on sound production, but broadcasting a performance online was new territory.

But with planning and the support of TicketCo Media Services the festive concert was a roaring success.

They smashed their initial fundraising target and have extended the video-on-demand availability of their performance until the end of January. Their show stopping hour-long winter concert was also listed as one of the best online concerts over the festive period by Classic FM and has attracted attention from the national media.

By choosing to partner with TicketCo Media Services, Nick and his Korros Ensemble colleagues were able to focus on what they do best – performing classical music. To learn more about Korros Ensemble’s first ever streaming journey and what the future holds, we caught up with Nick.

Stress-free experience

Broadcasting their own performance was an unimaginable possibility to Nick and Korros Ensemble only 12 months ago in a COVID-19 free world.

But amid the pandemic Nick used his free time during lockdown to formulate a plan that would see the group transform itself into the modern, digital, era with TicketCo Media Services.

“We are chuffed with what we have achieved,” said Nick. “We’ve all worked in television settings previously but managing all aspects of a moving image production is something we have never done.

“It was a fantastic experience and working with TicketCo Media Services has really opened our eyes to the future. Of course, there were challenges along the way and ensuring we followed COVID-19 protocols was essential. But with good planning and preparation this was made possible.”

Overcoming challenges

After completing a successful practice concert in the summer from a converted chapel in the Berkshire village of West Ilsley, Nick and Korros Ensemble had everything in place to pre-record and broadcast their first ever virtual show. To guarantee they could deliver a professional service to their paying customers, Nick called upon Neat Film to capture the concert.

Nick added: “Fortunately our flautist Eliza has experience working with sound through her folk-rock band Ranagri.

“But filming was an element neither of us had experience in, so we called Neat in to shoot the concert for us. That meant we could focus on the music and performance aspect of the show.”

Smooth platform

After Korros Ensemble confirmed the partnership with TicketCo Media Services, they were assigned a profile login from which they could create any number of events. A template which allows event organisers to add photos, editorial, dates, ticket prices and more is then easily accessible.

Nick added: “The TicketCo platform is excellent. I can login and efficiently update the broadcast as often as I wish.

“It worked well for us as the concert’s description had to be altered once our raffle had been finalised – there is no point promoting the show’s raffle once it had ended.

“I would not describe myself as the most technically minded person, but the TicketCo team were always there when we needed their help. In the end, I was in contact on the phone with a member of TicketCo’s technical team almost instantly after we raised an issue. We were also able to upsell our performance too by selling tickets for an additional £12 that would include a Korros Ensemble CD. Many people purchased this ticket option before Christmas as the CD acted as an ideal stocking filler.”

Words of advice

So, what would Nick’s advice be to anyone considering monetising their performances in 2021 via TicketCo Media Services live streaming and video-on-demand features?

“It’s all in the planning,” said Nick. “It’s true when they say ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. We worked out everything in advance from scripting to designing a storyboard – we knew exactly what elements would feature in the show and in what order.

“This meant our camera operator had all the information he could possibly need to shoot what we envisaged as the perfect winter concert. We have managed the entire production, so it is feasible to do so but you must put the time and effort in.

“We are already exploring two pre-recorded opportunities in 2021 which tells you everything you need to know about our positive first experience of producing our own concert.

“I’d advise anyone considering live streaming or on-demand filming to go for it. Don’t make the mistake of feeling intimated by taking on an entire production. With TicketCo Media Services support we experienced a stress-free build-up and delivery to our first broadcast.”

Fundraising success

To Nick’s delight, the winter concert has so far raised more than £1,500 for Barnardo’s – £500 more than the group’s initial target.

With scope to raise additional funds at the start of 2021, Nick logged into his TicketCo Media Services account to extend the show’s on demand availability to the public until the end of January.

He added: “The generosity of our viewers over Christmas was overwhelming and we are delighted with the funds that we have raised so far. But in these challenging times, we see no reason why we shouldn’t continue to provide a service while there is demand and have therefore chosen to extend our concert’s availability for an additional two weeks.

“By purchasing a household ticket for £10, you will also be supporting Barnardo’s and their work to help some of the UK’s most vulnerable children this year by donating £5.”

To help Korros Ensemble raise vital funds for Barnardo’s, you can purchase an on-demand winter concert ticket here: KORROS NUT-CRACKING ONLINE CHRISTMAS CONCERT!

Written by Greig Box Turnbull

Experienced communications and strategic PR advisor, with a strong background in journalism and public relations. Founder of Fortitude Communications, director of Oxford City ice hockey club and Vice Chair of Oxford United in the Community. A former Daily Mirror journalist and Oxford United FC managing director.

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