Launching series of articles on hybrid festivals

by | Oct 11, 2021

Article #1 in TicketCo’s ongoing series on hybrid events

Over the next two months TicketCo will publish a series of articles on the subject of hybrid festivals. This will be interviews with successful hybrid organisers, guest blogs, first person pieces and features covering different aspects of the future of the festival industry: hybrid festivals.

At TicketCo we truly believe that there will be a distinct difference between the before and the after situation within the festival industry. The pandemic taught us new ways to consume live entertainment. We saw organisers pivoting into live streaming, and we saw a huge global audience embracing virtual events.

There is no going back from this revolution. There is only going forward.

  • Why should you limit yourself to your physical capacity when there is a limitless virtual capacity to put on top of that?
  • Why should you distance yourself from an audience that is eager to attend your festival, but can’t attend physically due to different reasons?
  • Why should you stick to the past when the future has proven to be so much richer?

We can’t see any other answer than “you should not” to these three questions.

TicketCo Media Services

When the pandemic struck back in March 2020, TicketCo immediately took up the fight. We couldn’t just sit still and watch the event industry crack. We had to do something.

So we launched TicketCo Media Services. Like several others, we created a pay-per-view and video-on-demand service tailormade for the event industry. There was one major difference between us and the rest of the bunch though:

We didn’t build from scratch. We had a rock solid and highly user friendly ticketing and payments platform to build from and by using this platform as our foundation we created the world’s only true hybrid events platform.

TicketCo Media Services is a one-stop-shop for event organisers who want to go hybrid with a combination of physical and virtual events. In record time it has become the benchmark for smooth and robust hybrid events and it has helped a vast variety of our organisers through difficult times.

When love, solidarity and awareness went hybrid

Now the times are changing. The event industry is opening up again. The difficult days are past, but something has changed along the way. A worldwide audience has embraced virtual events and enabled organisers to reach a global audience through hybrid events.

You should be a part of this change, and you can easily do so. All it takes is an open mind and a TicketCo Media Services account – and of course good answers to the question “why?”.

As mentioned at the start of this introduction text, TicketCo is now launching a series of articles on the subject of hybrid festivals. Our purpose is simply to give you these answers. We want to show you the potential that lays within your events, and give you an insight to what is possible. We also want to share success stories from organisers who have travelled the road before you. Like the Swedish reggae festival Öland Roots, who pivoted into the hybrid format at this years festival with great success.

“When love, solidarity and awareness went hybrid” is the opening article in our series on hybrid events. Please enjoy the interview with one of the festival’s co-ordinators, Linus Grebäck von Melen. And please stay tuned for the rest of the series, that will be published at the TicketCo blog throughout the rest of the year.

Click here for the interview

Hybrid events are here to stay, and we encourage every organiser worldwide to embrace the hybrid future. Remember:

“Look at life through the windshield, not the rear view mirror.”
-Byrd Baggett

Written by Tom Rasmussen

Chief Communication Officer at TicketCo. Experienced public relations adviser and strategic narrativ creator with a broad background as promotor, manager and producer from the arts and entertainment industry. Also background from publishing and public administration. Hibernating novelist and retired drummer.

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