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by | Aug 24, 2021

Live streaming performances has never been so simplistic and affordable to artists with the support of TicketCo Media Services.

That is the message from Patch Jobson of UK tour management and content specialists TourLife Ltd, whose clients include world-famous artists and DJs Annie Mac, Jax Jones and Kid Ink.

TourLife has partnered with TicketCo to accommodate artists’ demands for live stream and on-demand performances. This week, it will launch three pre-recorded episodes of Clare Teal’s Fireside Sessions.

The four-times British Jazz Vocalist of the Year recipient and former BBC Radio 2 host decided digital is the way forward to share unique and bespoke content.

We spoke to Patch to understand why TicketCo Media Services’ integrated ticketing and live stream platform works for them.

Simplistic technology

Patch described using TicketCo’s platform as “painless, very simple and straightforward”.

TicketCo’s technology allows users to monetise performances via a fully integrated ticketing and live streaming service for events across all sectors.

“TicketCo has taken what the rest of the industry has turned into a complicated monolith and simplified it for everyday people,” said Patch.“Their services work extremely well, and the customer support is exceptional. Initially, we all thought TicketCo was too good to be true.

“I guess we were all a little sceptical at first, but the platform is brilliant. Their approach to live streaming and ticketing is totally different to other providers we have used.”

No additional costs

Many businesses that live stream shows waste money unnecessarily by paying over the odds for the technology required to broadcast performances.

Typically, live stream providers will charge clients based on how much data they require for their stream. The more viewers that tune in, the more data required – and therefore businesses’ initial outlay increases.

This is not the case when partnering with TicketCo, though.

Patch added: “It doesn’t matter if you are hosting 100 people or 100,000 people on your live stream, TicketCo will not increase their costs.

“TicketCo take a percentage from the ticket and nothing else. It’s a very different approach to other providers but one that is far cheaper. It’s beneficial to Clare Teal’s Fireside Sessions too because we simply don’t know how many people are going to tune in.

“When it’s hard to estimate how many people you are accommodating, it’s tricky to know how much data you require to broadcast a show. Working with TicketCo eliminates this issue.”

Super reliable

TourLife was also impressed by the reliability of TicketCo Media Services technology.

TicketCo’s streaming engine is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the same infrastructure that runs Amazon Prime, Netflix and the BBC. This means technical faults are very rarely an issue.

“From our perspective, the first time we used TicketCo we had 12 people out of 1,500 viewers ask for support,” said Patch. “Almost all those enquiries were people asking for guidance on how to use their TV, so it was completely out of our and TicketCo’s control.

“TicketCo is hosted on an exceptionally reliable server, there were very few questions about the TicketCo platform itself which we were impressed by.”

Full integration

TicketCo Media Services is the world’s only fully integrated event payments platform and pay-per-view streaming solution.

It means event organisers can live stream or broadcast performances on-demand on the same platform where customers buy either physical or virtual tickets. This multi-use function appealed greatly to Patch and TourLife.

He added: “I have encouraged other businesses to use TicketCo for the ticketing function alone. It’s simple to operate and anyone can use it with a bit of guidance.

“If you do need guidance, TicketCo are only a phone call or text message away.”

Customer first

Reputation is everything when delivering a live stream performance.

People are far more likely to voice their disapproval of a show online than leave a positive review. This combined with the public’s increase in demand for digital content means working with a provider you trust is essential.

Furthermore, an accessible and experienced team of support staff can help mitigate any potential issues. Patch could not speak highly enough about the engagement he experienced with the TicketCo team.

“At first, I had some very heavy phone calls with TicketCo to ensure everything we needed was there,” said Patch. “It turned out to be a very easy process. TicketCo were at the end of the phone every time we needed support, the client management has been fantastic.

“I would recommend TicketCo to anyone considering or currently live streaming. The platform is user friendly and available on so many platforms which is a huge positive to the viewer.”

Digital future

So, what is next for Patch and TourLife? With the future pointing towards hybrid events, things are starting to look positive.

“Amid an easing of lockdown restrictions, we are expecting a very busy period,” said Patch. “People want to be out doing things after spending so much time at home.

“Our photography, videography, social media, merchandise and luxury transport services make us a one-stop solution for touring artists completing single shows or tours over multiple days.

“It is Clare’s intention to release more Fireside Session videos. She knew nothing about live streaming or video before working with ourselves and now with the support of TicketCo we have a way to create and develop a new digital platform for her to share and monetise content.”

Written by Shaun Reynolds

Communications advisor and expert storyteller with Fortitude Communications. A former news reporter and sports editor of five years across several UK regional titles. Experienced in photography and social media management with a passion for the outdoors.

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