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Dec 5, 2017

“The customer journey to purchases has a huge room for improvement for a vast majority of clubs, and better solutions in this segment could generate higher season ticket sales”, says former sales manager for the private sector in Sportsklubben Brann, Dag Frode Algerøy.

At the end of 2016, Algerøy announced his transfer to the position as Country Manager for Norway in TicketCo. After a hectic autumn on the opposite side of the ticketing market than where he previously operated, Algerøy has some thoughts on how to increase season ticket sales. His advice is crystal clear:
“Put yourself in the audience’s place and focus on the customer journey. The audience is becoming more and more technology-friendly, and this should be met with more modern solutions. Use mobile seating charts, easy order and payment solution without barriers such as usernames and passwords. Keep in mind that your season ticket customers are only online with your ticketing system once a year, and there is a big transaction at stake. Do everything in your power for this one visit to be the gateway to a long and good relationship, and is not ruined during the purchasing process”, says Algerøy.
Algerøy also points out that how the club is playing obviously plays a major role when it comes to ticketing sales. “Sporting profiles and success are perhaps the main reasons why people buy season tickets. This is beyond the control of the sales department, but it is more important that they are there to respond when things are happening. During this part of the season, when the dates are set and new players are being signed, it is an excellent time to take out commercial values”, says Algerøy.
In terms of the customer purchasing journey, he believes that there is room for improvement for many clubs, and better solutions will potentially generate higher season ticket sales. He has clear suggestions as to what can be improved. “Usernames and passwords are a nuisance, and is the reason many fall off during the purchasing process. The most faithful supporters will go through with the purchase of the renewal of their season tickets, but the more impulsive buyers could stop during these extra steps, Therefore, it is important that the ticketing system should be as user-friendly as possible”, states Algerøy. In addition, he recommends everyone to utilise Facebook Pixles and tracking links to follow the customers path through the system. “There are a lot of useful information in interrupted sales”, says Algeøy.

Clubs have great channels

Sponsor insight published the football fan research, called Publikumsundersøkelsen 2016, based on 4,470 thorough web interviews with respondents from the Norwegian CRM system of Toppfotball. Algerøy has noted the differences between season ticket holders, and those who come to most matches without buying season tickets.

“In the first category, we find the adult audiences with a conservative act pattern. They prefer paper newspapers rather than networks as medium to keep up to date about their club, possibly is a member, and tend to buy season tickets every year. The other category is the regular audience who uses single purchase tickets. The majority of these are between 18 and 29 years old, they are very interested in football, and they spend a lot of money at the stadium. We also see that they are positive to new technology, they use social media, and they often are a member of the supporter’s club. In other words, it is a group the clubs can easily reach”, says Algerøy.

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