Looking back at an exciting January

by | Feb 2, 2021

After an exceptional December with several great selling Christmas shows at TicketCo Media Services across both UK, Norway and Sweden, January was met with great excitement at TicketCo. Would we see even more theatres signing up and more brilliant lockdown theatre distributed as pay-per-view content to an eager audience?

The simple and indisputable answer to both of these questions was yes. Since we partnered with Spektrix for better CRM integrations in the beginning of December last year there has been a steady stream of theatres signing up, and the list of UK theatres that has joined TicketCo Media Services so far this year is as follows:

  • Honalee Media Ltd
  • De Warenne Academy
  • The SandPit Theatre
  • Chichester Festival Theatre
  • The Boilerroom
  • Surrey Heath Borough Council Central
  • Freckle Ltd
  • Kingston Theatre Trust – Rose of Kingston
  • One Night in Dublin Ltd
  • Petersfield Youth Theatre
  • Latest Musicbar
  • Millfield Arts Centre
  • RSG Music
  • Nadworks
  • The Wardrobe Theatre
  • New Adventures Charity

In addition to these we have also seen the onboarding of theatres such as Kalmar Teater (SE), Foreningen Det Nye Teaterkompaniet (NO), Teppefall (NO), Nordland Teater (NO) and The Irish Opera (IE), to mention a few of the organisers outside of UK who have joined TicketCo Media Services so far this year.

Bush Theatre and Landmark Productions

Not all of these have started streaming yet, but those who have all achieved remarkable results. Let us for instance look at the numbers for Bush Theatre near Shepherd’s Bush in London, who signed up in December. They have a physical capacity of 210, and they ran 7 pay-per-view shows of Travis Alabanza’s ‘Overflow’ mid January. Physically, that would normally mean a maximum of 1,470 tickets for the seven nights.

The overall digital ticket sales for these seven lockdown shows? The remarkable number of 3,889 tickets were sold to over 30 Countries (even as far as Kenya), which is almost three times their physical capacity. This proves that pay-per-view shows are more than just OK. They are highly financially viable and certainly offer hope for the future of hybrid events for Theatres.

January also saw TicketCo Media Services expand outside of UK, Norway and Sweden. Landmark Productions, one of Ireland’s leading theatre producers, joined in December and broadcast its first pay-per-view production in January. A post performance article covering their production of Marc O’Rowe’s The Approach will be published soon. Until then, please enjoy the great reviews they received in The Guardian, The New York Times and at Vulture.

We expect that Landmark Productions will pave the way for TicketCo Media Services in Ireland, and we are also preparing a US launch as well as an expansion across the Euro zone within the next few months. Stay tuned for more on this exciting news.

TicketCo Media Services Welcome Pack

Finally, January marked the completion of TicketCo Media Services highly demanded Welcome Pack. This support document is a collaboration between our Customer Success Agents Jessica Goodfellow and Darren Connaughton and the Technical Director of the UK theatre company Wise Children, Simon Baker, who recently was acclaimed the 2021 The Stage Awards achievement in technical theatre. It covers TicketCo Media Services’s 10 steps to Streaming Success:

  • Introduction & event details
  • Ticket types
  • Branding & marketing tools
  • Reporting
  • Connecting the broadcast in TicketCo Media Services
  • Production: hardware & software
  • Production: key concepts
  • Production: optimising with OBS Studio
  • Stream health
  • Box Office enquiries & final comments

Webinar on pay-per-view events

On Tuesday 26th January Jessica Goodfellow and Simon Baker discussed various relevant aspects of streaming at a free-for-all webinar. This webinar certainly did hit a nerve, and almost 200 participants signed up for 30 valuable minutes of pay-per-view insights as well as the story of how Wise Children managed to turn the first UK lockdown into a both artistic and commercial streaming success.

The webinar is now available as recorded content, and can be found here.

The definitive guide for theatres to live stream shows

The absolute best, most up-to-date, definitive guide for theatres to learn how to live stream theatre productions to their audience.


The goal of this guide is to provide the absolute best, most up-to-date, definitive guide for theatres and production companies to learn how to live stream shows to their audience as part of their integrated approach to sales and marketing.

Written by Tom Rasmussen

Chief Communication Officer at TicketCo. Experienced public relations adviser and strategic narrativ creator with a broad background as promotor, manager and producer from the arts and entertainment industry. Also background from publishing and public administration. Hibernating novelist and retired drummer.



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