Multi Buy Card: a great feature for increased sales and superb flexibility

by | Feb 11, 2021

By Dag Frode Algerøy, Global Client Manager, TicketCo

TicketCo’s Multi Buy Card enables increased sales, and it gives the ticket buyers a superb flexibility in regards to when they want to attend your digital events. This is how it works.

It’s not over yet. In fact the pandemic is far from being resolved, and digital events seems to be the way most events will be presented and consumed in 2021.

This means we will see more digital events popping up in the weeks and months to come, and for many organisers a series of digital events will be a natural way to programme for the spring, summer or autumn. This is where TicketCo’s Multi Buy Card will come right.

If you have a faithful core audience and series of events planned, it’s likely that a fair share of this audience want’s to purchase more than one single event. With a Multi Buy Card, they can make their purchase once and then cherrypick the events they want to stream without having to make any more payments.

If you grant your core audience a discount, they will have all the motivation they’ll need to make the purchase.

How to get started

This is how you get started with TicketCo’s Multi Buy Card:

  • TicketCo Support will enable Multi Buy Card (aka Click Card) functionality on your request
  • From Back Of House, choose menu “Click Card”
  • Build as many Multi Buy Cardes (Click Cards) as you want
  • Go to your existing events and add ticket type(s) that corresponds with your Multi Buy Card
  • Publish, and go on sale
  • Do your marketing initiatives, and get your sale

What you need to know

All the technical details you will find in this Support document.

Remember to have Support enabling this functionality for you, before you can start building your Multi Buy Cardes.

Worth considering

You can be as creative as you want when building your Multi Buy Cardes. You can name them as you like, and you can set the total value – and thus value per ticket within the Multi Buy Card – as you want. But it’s worth spending some minutes considering

  • What discount should I give the Ticket Buyers to motivate them to make their purchase once, instead of picking event by event?
  • The total price should reflect the single ticket price, so by creating a Multi Buy Card for 10 Live Streams at 8 GBP each, the Multi Buy Card should be given a price of 80 GBP
  • Do I have a major event that I don’t want to include in the Multi Buy Card?
  • Do I have a couple of major events that I want to include in the Multi Buy Card to drive pre-sale for the rest of my Live Stream events?
  • Which segment of my customer base will most likely purchase a Multi Buy Card, and what marketing initiatives will make them buy a Multi Buy Card instead of picking event by event?

The Multi Buy Card will grant you with the benefit of an instant, major sale. The revenue will be safely stored at your client account at TicketCo, and it will be cleared and transferred consecutively to your account as it is consumed. Any excessive amount will then be cleared and transferred after the expiry date.

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