TicketCo with new football mega-deal

Jan 5, 2018

The football club Brann, one of the largest football clubs in Norway, are using TicketCo starting next season. The new supplier promises that the experience for both the club and the audience will enhance with the new technology.

We wanted to set some goals when we started TicketCo four years ago. One of the most ambitious one was that we wanted Brann as a customer within five years. Now we have achieved this, and one year ahead of time! It’s simply a dream, says Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, CSO and TicketCo founder, about the new deal.

Five-year agreement

For the next five years, TicketCo will deliver ticket technology and payment solutions at Brann stadium. The company has, in record time, established itself as the biggest competitor to Ticketmaster in Norway, and is currently establishing itself in the UK.
Michalsen Moberg says that the deal with Brann is the biggest sports deal yet for TicketCo.

During the contract period, there will be 75 league matches and an unknown number of cup matches that will be played at Brann stadium. If we add todays spectator numbers to around 12,000, that’s between 900,000 and one million tickets, says Moberg.

Whilst negotiating with Brann, TicketCo added Haugesund and Sandefjord to the growing list of customers. Sogndal and Viking are already using TicketCo, so as of today, five of the premier clubs will use TicketCo for the next season.

And several will follow. We hope to sign another premier club before the next season is kicked off. In addition, we work with several clubs in the Obos- league, as well as top clubs within ice hockey and handball. Our goal is to become the leader in the top-level sports market within a few years, says Michalsen Moberg.

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Bright future ahead

TicketCo gathered 13 million NOK in emission earlier this year, and thus is financially equipped to win market shares both nationally and internationally. Michalsen Moberg looks at a bright future for TicketCo.

The response in the UK has been brilliant and we experience the same competitive advantages in that market as the one at home. Our technology is smarter, user-friendliness is better and investment costs are well below our competitors. The challenge over there is of course that we are brand new in the market, but we were new in Norway a few years ago as well. And now, we are number two, and on our way forward, says Michalsen Moberg.

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Technology the deciding factor

Camilla Schutz, commercial director of Sportsklubben Brann, says the technology was the main reason for choosing TicketCo.

We have considered numerous different ticketing systems, and see that out of them, TicketCo are the ones that delivers what we believe is best system for our supporters. A ticket purchase should be straightforward from the moment you are sitting in the sofa at home, until you are at the stadium. At the same time, we needed an internal tool that manages purchases, communications and reports in a simple way. We feel that all of this is achieved with TicketCo, says Schutz.


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