New Global Account Manager

by | Aug 26, 2019

Emma Langeland is the new Global Account Manager at TicketCo, and she will be serving new and existing clients from the TicketCo UK office in Shoreditch, London.

“I’m looking forward to be the connecting link between TicketCo and our many small to medium sized clients,” says the expat Norwegian who is well established in London.

TicketCo is receiving new inquiries each week from event organisers throughout Norway, Great Britain, Sweden and Poland. Converting these into new clients is one of the tasks for the new Global Account Manager.

“Many of these are looking for a ticketing system or a payment solution for a limited amount of events, but every now and then a large client knocks and wants to learn more about TicketCo. Kilmarnock FC is an example of such a client, and these days we are taking to another one that hopefully will end up as a TicketCo user,” says Emma Langeland.

Emma will manage inquiries from small and medium sized prospects, with our senior management team looking after inquiries from large ones.

Emma was born in the city of Drammen just 30 minutes southwest of Oslo, and she moved to London for studies at Middlesex University in northwest London when she was 19. After two years in UK she decided that this was her home, so she made her stay permanent.

“I was officially relocated in 2017, and I have never looked back. After graduating with a first degree in Business Management with Marketing, I was offered the position as Membership Executive at Tape London – a nightclub where I also used to hang out. At Tape I was responsible for creating a membership solution, and then to execute it,“ she says.

“In addition to this I was in charge of Tape’s social media handles including Facebook and Instagram, and to maintain the many influencers that Tape is collaborating with,” she adds.

At TicketCo, she will be the company’s front with new and existing clients.

“For most of our clients, I will probably be the only employee at TicketCo they will have direct contact with. After onboarding a new organiser, the platform is set up for them to manage everything by themselves. This includes the settlement, which will be on their account the week after the event. But of course: every client is more than welcome to reach out if they have questions or need our guidance for whatever reason, and in such cases either our Customer Success team or myself will assist,” Emma explains.

When asked if the Global Account Manager position is about sales or service, she is uncertain of what to answer before concluding that it is both.

“On one hand I will be the link between our clients and our Customer Success agents which is definitely service related. At the same time it’s my responsibility to follow up on the leads, and that is clearly about sales. So the answer is probably 50/50,” she suggests.

When it comes to language skills, Emma is managing Norwegian and English fluently, and she has no problem understanding Swedish.

“When I get requests from Poland, I have so far answered in English. That has worked out fine, but if the organiser prefers to have the dialogue in Polish I simply pass the request over to one of my great Polish colleagues. Either way we will find a solution,” Emma Langeland finishes.