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Nov 5, 2017

It will pay off to use TicketCo, and in Sogndal, both the fans and the administration can now enjoy the fact that the club is the first in the country with digital season tickets.

“There will probably be many QR codes underneath the Christmas trees in Sogndal this year”, says CEO in TicketCo, Kåre Bottolfsen. The reason behind this prediction is that the developers in TicketCo now launched the latest addition to the ever-increasing organiser tool, the digital season ticket.

“For the audience, it is probably a mystery as to why season tickets are so complicated. When you can easily see the seating map via your laptop or mobile to book individual tickets, there are probably many people wondering why it is not possible to do the same for seasonal tickets. The explanation for this is that the function disrupts the way different ticketing systems are built. Therefore, all clubs in Norway, regardless of sport or ticketing vendor, have had trouble with this”, explains Bottolfsen.

This problem is now solved for those who uses TicketCo, and the first club to have the pleasure of using the seasonal ticket solution is Sogndal Fotball.

Simple and safe

“We based the season ticket solution off the same principles for the other parts of TicketCo. It should be simple and it must be safe”, says Bottolfsen. He says that “the season ticket itself is a QR code that contains ‘clips’ to the matches the card applies to. For example, this could be all the home matches during a season, or selected ones, this is up to the organiser.

The organiser can also use the season ticket to split the tickets into single tickets. Therefore, they are ideal for sponsors who would like to use their seats for new guests for each match”, says Bottolfsen. He also says that the new TicketCo solution can be used by anyone- regardless of size. “The verification of the season tickets is the same way as our regular tickets, you can use the app to scan the QR codes.
In other words, there is no need for an investment of any kind before you get started, and smaller sports clubs can save a lot of money in the access control system by using our free organiser app for verification of the seasonal tickets”, states Bottolfsen.

Handball and hockey

Sogndal is the first club to use the new season ticket solution, but in principle available to all the organisers who wants it. So, although other sports leagues have started their 2016/17 season, ticket packages may be available to both the handball and hockey audience during the season through TicketCo’s season ticket solution.

“It is no longer on us”, concludes a very happy Bottolfsen.

Written by TicketCo

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