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One happy minister

Jan 16, 2018

Happy ticket buyers is always a pleasure. But when the ticket buyer is the Minister of Modernisation and the reason for his acclaim is TicketCo’s digital season ticket, it is extra nice to witness.

The Norwegian minister of local government and modernisation – Jan Tore Sanner – is a huge supporter of Stabaek, which is one of Norway’s premier league clubs. When Stabaek recently opened their 2018 season tickets sale, he was among the first supporters to purchase his regular seat.

For the 2018 season, Stabaek have signed up with TicketCo as their new ticket and overall sales supplier. This means some major improvements for both the club and their ticket buyers, and one big change is digital season tickets.

Finally digital

Naturally, such a change pleases the minister responsible for digitalisation.

“Finally @stabaek has also gone #digital, and the 2018 season ticket is secured #forevernomatterwhat,” was the content in his tweet for the occasion.

Great feedback from the supporters

“This confirms that our clients are blessed with happy customers,” states a very happy TicketCo CSO Carl-Erik M. Moberg. He is pleased to notice that both Stabaek and the other three new Norwegian top league clubs who now have signed up with TicketCo are recieving great feedback from their most eager fan base.

“We are monitoring the discussions in the different clubs’ fan forums, and the ticket buyers are very pleased with our product. The clubs are applauded for offering a much smoother customer journey than previous years, and especially the mobile adapted seating plan is exalted,” Mr. Moberg says.

Minimising work, maximising profit

He is eager to introduce TicketCo to the many UK clubs that are struggling with inefficient sales systems.

“Besides a smooth customer journey, our sales platform provides a drastically decreased work load for the management, along with extremely low investment costs. In short we are minimising work and maximising profit,” he states.

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