Organiser made 25,000 Euros on virtual tickets while being closed during COVID-19

by | Apr 29, 2020

More than 1,000 digitals tickets sold at a venue with a 380 capacity is quite something. A revenue of 25,000 Euros for one single live streamed concert is truly amazing. No wonder that the venue BLÅ in Oslo sees TicketCo TV as their lifeline during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We are certain that TicketCo TV can be a great value add for us in the long run, when the crisis has passed and our business is back to normal. But right now, with COVID-19 closing down all live events in Norway, we will focus on our pay-per-view live streamed concerts. They will get us through these difficult times, and secure both our club and our staff,” said managing director Stefan Jansen at BLÅ before the successful pay-per-view concert with the Norwegian Grammy nominated trio No. 4 on Saturday April 25th.

He had great expectations before the event, and they were greatly exceeded with more than 1,000 tickets sold at an average price of 25 Euros. On top of that the artist achieved further revenue by up-selling their songbook through the TicketCo platform.

Smooth and reliable streaming

TicketCo TV was developed as a COVID-19 cure for closed down organisers when the crisis escalated at the end of March this year. A few weeks later the pay-per-view live streaming solution was launched in Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom. In a few days a video on demand feature will be released as added value and functionality – enabling organisers to run their own pay-per-view TV channels with both live and recorded content during the crisis.

TicketCo TV is available for every organiser, regardless of which supplier they use for their regular ticket sales. These are difficult times for the event industry, and our concern is for the whole industry. If organisers wants to sign up with us for TicketCo TV only and stick with their current ticketing supplier for the rest of their sales, that is fine. The only important thing is to start generating revenue as fast as possible, and TicketCo TV is a proven way to do so,” said TicketCo CSO and co-founder Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg.

“Our promise to the event industry is a smooth and reliable streaming service with HD quality, fast on-boarding and straight forward clearing after the events,” he added.

Special early bird offer

For a limited period, TicketCo is offering new and existing customers early bird prices when signing up with TicketCo TV. To qualify for the early bird offering, please fill our contact form today with the code “EarlyBird” in the query field. This is noncommittal.

About us:

At TicketCo we have built our business on providing an easy to use digital platform for event organisers, artists, and venues to sell tickets and market their events. We have always been at the forefront of developing our own technology to adapt and provide a service and platform that is relevant in the digital age.

When lockdown hit the industry the team at TicketCo soon realised it was an opportunity and the company invested in R&D to develop and launch TicketCo TV, a new pay per view live streaming and video on demand service. It is combined with our ticketing platform so organisers and artists can monetise digital content and events.