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by | Nov 9, 2018

Twelve months after launching in the UK, TicketCo is adding two new markets to their outspread. In Poland the fast growing event payments platform have recruited Tomasz Kowalski as their new Country Manager.

“Stadiums, multifunctional halls and amusement parks are special to me. They all have the ability to deliver emotions, and I want to implement this power everywhere,” says the freshly recruited head of the future TicketCo operations in Poland.

He has already recruited two staff members, so the TicketCo office in Gdansk is fully scaled for making an impact in Poland from day one.

More than two million attendees

Tomasz Kowalski has a strong track record in the Polish event industry. For more than four years he has managed the EnergaGdansk Stadium/PGE Arena Gdansk, one of the four stadiums built for the UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

“During my time as CEO we hosted more than two million attendees and visitors to the stadium, and we conducted more than 80 Lechia Gdansk matches in the Ekstraklase as well as several matches with the National Polish Football Team. We also had huge concerts with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Guns N’Roses and Avicii and several hundred social and corporate events, so it’s fair to say that I know a thing or two about the event industry,” he states.


Before joining the stadium team, Mr Kowalski worked for Philips – responsible for deployment of Vidiwall LED screens in stadiums, participation in the Philips-Bosch consortium to build stadiums for UEFA EURO2012, and trainings for the PL.2012 entity.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdansk in 2006, and he holds a certification of International Project Management Association.

Built from scratch on modern tech

“TicketCo is one of the fastest growing event payments companies in the world, and I am truly excited by the determination to create the new global standard for all event payments. I find this purpose most welcome from an industry point of view, and I think the Polish event industry will embrace TicketCo within a short time,” says the new TicketCo Country Manager.

He is looking forward to a close collaboration with his TicketCo Country Manager colleagues in Norway, Sweden and UK, as well as the rest of the executives in the TicketCo group.

“TicketCo is developed by actual organisers, and it is built from scratch on modern tech. This gives us a huge competitive advantage, and it means that both our clients and their vast audience will benefit from utmost user friendly solutions. TicketCo is a unified platform for efficient event payments, designed to minimize work and maximize sales. Just what the Polish event industry needs,” he finishes.

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