Preparing for your online broadcast

by | Mar 17, 2021

A utility article from TicketCo Media Services on how to prepare for your online broadcast

Live streaming is far from a fresh concept, but utilising it as a key revenue source is still a relatively new concept to many event organisers.

Pay-per-view live streaming and on-demand provides theatres, sports clubs and other organisers with a golden opportunity to increase engagement with audiences. Here, TicketCo Media Services Customer Success Agent Jessica Goodfellow explains how event organisers can best prepare for online broadcasts via our streaming services.

Key event details and settings

After receiving a verification email and logging into the TicketCo platform, event organisers can begin to plan the first stages of their broadcast and add other users onto their account.

Organiser settings and event details are likely to be your first points of contact when developing your stream. These tabs allow users to define their broadcast by publishing prominent titles, images, and descriptions.

“Filling in the required boxes within the event details tab is relatively self-explanatory,” said Jessica. “Regardless, it is important these details are correct which is why we have explained in-depth in our Welcome Pack what to avoid and consider when developing your broadcast. Although we have provided large organisations such as Birmingham Royal Ballet with digital streaming solutions, we also work with much smaller organisations – many of whom have no experience of broadcasting their own performances.”

Client input

Our preparing for your online broadcast guide has been developed with contributions from Simon Baker of Bristol-based theatre production company Wise Children. Wise Children was one of the first theatre production companies to use TicketCo Media Services HD quality live streaming service when delivering Romantics Anonymous in September 2010.

Jessica said: “Simon’s input has been invaluable in developing the Welcome Pack. He and Wise Children have been through the entire TicketCo process and Simon has kindly shared his experiences and provided some top tips on how to best use our broadcasting service.”

Launching your show

The capabilities of live streaming are vast. But a patient approach is best suited when it comes to delivering your first broadcast.

Jessica said: “Our Welcome Pack guides our event organisers through the process behind developing their first event. This means we combine tutorial graphics and Simon’s advice to talk users through the event details process. From the very start when confirming your event name to establishing the beginning and end points of your live stream, ensuring the information you provide is accurate is crucial to your event and its success. Simon’s helpful tips on how to get the most out of your TicketCo Media Services experiences really shine through in this section.”

Spektrix partnership

TicketCo Media Services partnered with Spektrix to increase digital growth opportunities for the theatre sector.

Our Welcome Pack also includes information on how businesses can make their event look and feel professional by developing your streaming event with Spektrix integration.

Jessica added: “Again, we have used step-by-step instructions to break down how our clients can integrate Spektrix’s’ technology with our streaming service. This includes information on the ticket-buyer’s journey, how to set-up and test your stream plus details on Geo-blocking. Our partnership with Spektrix was formed based on a shared commitment to providing an ever-improving customer experience via fast, easy to use and fully integrated broadcasting and digital marketing services.”

You can access full details of how to prepare for your online event via our Welcome Pack here.

The definitive guide for theatres to live stream shows

The absolute best, most up-to-date, definitive guide for theatres to learn how to live stream theatre productions to their audience.


The goal of this guide is to provide the absolute best, most up-to-date, definitive guide for theatres and production companies to learn how to live stream shows to their audience as part of their integrated approach to sales and marketing.

Written by Greig Box Turnbull

Experienced communications and strategic PR advisor, with a strong background in journalism and public relations. Founder of Fortitude Communications, director of Oxford City ice hockey club and Vice Chair of Oxford United in the Community. A former Daily Mirror journalist and Oxford United FC managing director.

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