Record crowds achieved in partnership with TicketCo

by | Aug 8, 2019

Wycombe Wanderers achieved a record crowd for its opening game of the season, as it launched the TicketCo platform.

The club introduced the TicketCo cashless ticketing and payment solution for the opening game of the season in English Football League Division One.

And the club celebrated success on and off the pitch. Wycombe secured three points after
over-coming Bolton Wanderers 2-0 and celebrated its highest opening attendance for a decade with 6,454 fans attending the match at Adams Park.

In the National Conference league TicketCo client Eastleigh started in the season at home in front of a record opening day attendance of 2,668 at the Silverlake stadium. And the home crowd was treated to a 1-0 victory over Notts County.

Digital Ticketing Success
Wycombe introduced the TicketCo cloud-based ticketing platform to enable fans to buy tickets online and receive a QR code on their smartphone which is scanned at the turnstile to gain access, without the need for a paper ticket.

Supporters have embraced the technology. Some 72% of all sales done online and via a smartphone for the first league fixture.

Almost 900 ticket sales were recorded on the day of the game, with fans taking advantage of a £2 discount when booking online at any time and avoiding potential ticket office queues.

Efficient TicketCo system
A lot of planning goes into a matchday and especially the first game of a new season. Add in a new ticketing system and it was a big day for Wycombe and the club was delighted with how it went.

“Like with any first day of a new system, we were excited to see how it all came together, but also prepared to deal with any issues that came up, said Wycombe director Mark Palmer.

“As a whole, we were delighted not just with the size of the attendance – the club’s highest in 10 years on the first home league game – but also the efficiency of the TicketCo platform which enabled fans to book quickly, avoid the queues and get to their seat in good time for kick-off.”

Improving matchday experience – cutting down queues
Wycombe is under new management off-the-pitch, with new investors who are determined to improve every element of the club. A key part of their strategy is improving the matchday experience for supporters.

“Our emphasis is on improving the matchday experience across the whole stadium for fans of both home and away clubs, and we all know that standing in a queue doesn’t make a good experience, said Mr Palmer.

“Therefore, providing the TicketCo platform is an important development for us, meaning our fans can buy online at any time – whether that’s walking up the road or sitting in the bar – and save time and money which can be better spent elsewhere!”

Building success with Pre-Ordering
Wycombe is now looking at ways to use the TicketCo platform to expand its commercial opportunities on a matchday, while also strengthening the fan experience.

Making use of the TicketCo ‘pre-order’ functionality is high-up on Wycombe’s agenda.

Mr Palmer explained: “We plan to work with TicketCo to make more use of its potential in terms of giving supporters more chances to pre-order other items around the stadium, making the payment process simpler which will speed up service times and make sure fans don’t have to miss the action out on the pitch.”

Working in Partnership
The TicketCo team were on hand at the opening fixture to support Wycombe staff and ensure a smooth launch.

“We are proud to have played a key role in supporting Wycombe in achieving its biggest home crowd on an opening fixture for a decade,” said David Kenny, TicketCo UK Country Manager.
“We had a support team at Adam’s Park throughout the day to help ensure a smooth process for club staff and supporters alike. The day was a great success and what was highly encouraging was the significant volume of people who purchased tickets digitally, either online or via the mobile phone app.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the club to further improve the match-day experience for supporters around the stadium, via easy and quick payment solutions.”