How to sell tickets for events – the ultimate guide to maximise ticket sales

by | Jan 15, 2018

We believe that the experience of buying a ticket to an event is just as important as the event itself. It means providing an amazing experience to each and every person in your audience from the moment they sit at home in the sofa and clicks “buy ticket”, to the moment they enter your event venue through the doors.

Selling tickets to events also means, for you as event organiser, to be provided the tools you need maximise your sales in your channels, and also to discover new ones. TicketCo’s sales features have been designed with this in mind, to enable event organisers create opportunities, drive urgency, loyalty and referrals. You will be able to experience an omnichannel approach where online and offline sales is a part of the same sales system which opens up a new world of opportunities, and saves you a lot of money.

In this article we’ll explain how you can maximise your ticket sales to your events with TicketCo, and how a frictionless payment experience that brings convenience and comfort is the key to a satisfied audience.


Set up the event – easy, tailored and convenient for you

TicketCo is a self service system and you have 100% control of all aspects of your event at all times. It’s also a cloud-solution so you can log in to your event from any device and also by using our TicketCo app for event organisers. You start by logging into your TicketCo account and create a gorgeous event page with our easy-to-use editor.

  • For rolling events – save yourself time by setting up your next similar event easily by duplicating your existing event page. There’s no need of setting up every event from scratch!
  • Fetch more customer data – use the form builder to ask your ticket buyers anything, such as diet requests, t-shirt size or where they are travelling from. You can use this to tailor the experience for every visitor at arrival as it will be visible on their ticket, or simply for your own analysis.
  • Set up specific guest lists for VIP and sponsors
  • Add your sponsor’s logo and website link easily on the event page and tickets.
  • Do you run events with time-slots, such as an attraction or film screenings? This is also a feature available with TicketCo.


 2. Ticket types – with options that drive more sales

Here at TicketCo we know that most people use their smartphones on a daily basis and that m-tickets to events is the preferred choice when available, but also that printed tickets can be preferred by some. To accommodate absolutely everyone, and to increase your ticket sales to its fullest potential, we guarantee a 360 degree ticket distribution, and provides digital tickets in ALL formats — via text message, email, for home printouts (PDF) and also for Apple Wallet.


  • Utilise discounts to increase sales – such as 10% for 5 tickets or more, over a specific amount and for early bird tickets.
  • Drive recurring revenue amongst your loyal audience – with TicketCo you can also sell membership tickets which works with an auto renewal system that saves you time and hassle when renewal is approaching – perfect for sports clubs, theatres and for festival passes.
  • Drive extra referral sales by offer gift card options for your event. TicketCo offers extra flexibility with gift cards to help you sell more, by letting you select that it can be used for any of your events that you manage through TicketCo and not locked to just one.
  • For events with a seated venue – design your seated venue with our editor. We offer mixed seating option which is responsive on all devices.
  • If you would like to let people make reservations for your event, this is also included in our features and very easy to manage.
  • In addition, we also know that many event organisers want classic tickets to special events and we can also offer an economy to premium ticket solution with printing, to include your logo on the back, arena map, a sponsor promotion etc.


3. Pricing – No upfront costs. No fixed fees. 100% transparency.

The purpose of TicketCo is to provide you as an organiser with a full overview of your event. We therefore do not charge fixed fees, nor do we have any hidden costs. All you pay is a small percentage per transaction, that will never exceed 6%. The fees can be absorbed in your ticket price or you can pass them onto the ticket buyer. This is completely up to you.

Read more about our price plan here.

In addition, TicketCo is free to use for free events!


4. Start promoting and selling!

Now the magic begins! Your event page will be available on the TicketCo event listing site and seen by event goers from all over the world (if you choose to, you can also make it hidden from the public), but that’s far from all:


  • List your tickets on your own website – by using our iFrames you can use a piece of code to embed the event, the tickets or the whole events calendar neatly on your webpage.
  • Sell tickets on your Facebook page – the same iFrame can be injected right into your Facebook page. You can also utilise the shop section on Facebook to amplify your sales.
  • Send the same iFrame to your partners, the artists, the speakers at your event etc – so they can utilise their own channels to further boost the ticket sales.
  • Find new audience with advertising and accurately measure the ROI – tracking results of your Facebook advertising is easy with TicketCo. With a few clicks you can integrate the Facebook Pixel from your ad account and measure the number and value of tickets generated from your campaigns.

Now we have the online promotion and sales covered, but we’re far from done!

The Zettle by Paypal card reader can be integrated with your TicketCo event system and allows you to have your very own box office in your pocket. You can utilise as many Zettle by Paypal as you want for your TicketCo event. The TicketCo and Zettle by Paypal integration truly opens up a whole new world of ticket sales options for your event. To sell more tickets for your event, you can therefore:


  • Set up box offices, anywhere
  • Set up a pop up stand in a local shopping centre
  • Sell tickets in the park
  • Create a competition for your sales team and measure who sells the most
  • The possibilities are endless…

 5. A smooth experience for your audience

We have made it very easy for ticket buyers to buy tickets and entering your event. A smooth and frictionless experience is of the essence of our product, which also applies to the experience for the ticket buyers:

  • Ticket buyers don’t have to set up user accounts, so there’s no need of remembering either username or passwords.
  • To make it easier to purchase, the ticket buyers can enjoy fast track payments with a single click.
  • TicketCo works on all platforms and in all channels since it is web-based. This means that your ticket buyers can purchase their tickets from iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Mac, PC, tablets and other platforms.
  • Verifying tickets on the door is done via our free fast-scanning app that is compatible with any smartphone. You can therefore set up a bunch of staff to verify tickets at the door with their smartphones or tablets at no extra hardware cost, which reduces queues and delights the audience with a fast entry.
  • If a ticket buyer has purchased several tickets in one transaction to a group of friends, there’s no need of flipping through the phone for different QR codes. With TicketCo we use multi check-in QR codes, so that once you scan the QR code with your phone, all the purchases will be visible on your device, for easy and fast verification and entry.
  • Has the visitor forgot the phone, or ticket at home? No problem! You can verify any visitor with not only the QR-code, but also by mobile number or name.
  • Is your event taking place at a large arena? TicketCo integrates with turnstiles for easy entry at any arena – perfect for football clubs and large concerts.


 6. Keep selling until the event starts, no interruptions

With the Zettle by Paypal you have your own box office and can take new tickets sales at the door too. You can therefore keep the online sales open at the same time as you take door sales, and never exceed capacity as it’s all one and the same system.


You can always access the real-time reporting on your app to see how many people have purchased tickets, how many have entered the event and for how much you’ve sold. Have you not yet filled the venue despite all your efforts? Not to worry, we have tricks for that too!

Try broadcasting your event via Facebook live. Most of us check our Facebook quite a few times during the evening, even when watching TV. Imagine the effect of a video from the sound check which finds its way into the Facebook feed of those nearby. This is the best way to sell those final tickets for the event to those who intended to go but never got around to buying tickets. Here is our step by step guide for how to successfully utilise Facebook Live for your ticket sales.


7. The joy of having just one sales system for your event

By having one sales system, one overview, one report and one settlement, you’ll experience a tool that will save you unnecessary work and that creates added value. Your accountant will love you for it! And you will save accounting costs.


8. Nurture the relationship with your audience for your next events

When using TicketCo you own all your customer data and you can connect it to more than 700 different platforms and apps for your analytics, marketing and CRM. You can therefore utilise email and remarketing campaigns to reconnect with your previous event visitors, offer gift cards for friends and give discounts. You can also send out surveys to collect feedback about your event and share with your team and sponsors.


9. Do you want to power your next event with merchandise?

We can help you generating that extra revenue and make profit.


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