Snoopadelic in the (da) pandemic – Snoop Dogg live-streaming DJ show via TicketCo TV to support the fight against Covid-19

by | Sep 7, 2020

Snoop Dogg will live stream a show from his LA compound to a global audience via TicketCo TV to raise funds for the International Medical Corps.

His infamous Snoopadelic Live DJ Show will be broadcast on September 12th, with Snoop hanging out and performing some hits to raise funds to help tackle COVID-19. The International Medical Corps is helping to fight the global pandemic by providing live-saving care around the world. The global not for profit humanitarian aid agency works closely with charities and health organisations, providing medical expertise, equipment, training and triage and treatment services. Its goal is to ensure at risk countries and regions can prepare for and respond to outbreaks of COVID-19 quickly and safely.

The show will be the first in a series created by Couch Concerts Live, a new production company that presents major artists’ performances in support of those suffering from the effects of global crises, including COVID-19 and climate change. Couch Concerts Live is a partnership between TARI Global, American Artist Company, The Temple Company and Jam Management Group. It has the reach, experience and expertise that will enable it to support International Medical Corps globally. Couch Concerts Live has partnered with TicketCo TV to provide its pay-per-view live streaming and virtual ticketing for each event.

Nathan Tari, CEO of TARI Global, and Founder of the event, said: “We needed a unified pay-per-view live streaming and event payment solution to meet all our needs around the world and TicketCo TV fitted the bill. We were partnering with a lot of different people and TicketCo TV just delivered the best integrated system and the easiest UX journey. For both the promoter and the viewers the system is so easy to use.”

David Kenny, UK Country Manager of TicketCo TV, said: “Couch Concerts Live is a cutting-edge collective of some of the leading talent in the global entertainment business. In such a tough time for our industry and for many people it is uplifting to see people working hard to deliver exceptional shows to help in the fight against COVID-19. We are proud to be part of it and are looking forward to live streaming some exceptional the events.”

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