Survey reveals huge interest in live streaming

by | Oct 2, 2020

43% of the organisers across Norway, Sweden and UK are considering live streaming in the future, while 54% may consider hybrid events with a combination of virtual and physical tickets.

“This reveals a sincere wish across the event industry to search for and utilise new revenue streams,” said TicketCo’s Global Partnership Director David Kenny.

34% of the respondents in TicketCo’s latest customer survey – which included organisers across all segments of the event industry – have started doing streaming activities since the lock down in March.

The interest exceeds this. When asked if they are considering streaming in the future, 43% answered yes. Another 15% are uncertain, which widens the possible user group of pay-per-view live streaming and video-on-demand to 58% of the active organisers across Norway, Sweden and UK.

Seeking partners across Europe

“We developed TicketCo TV based on an assumption that Covid-19 would create a need for a smooth integrated ticketing and streaming platform for organisers seeking new revenue streams or simply seeking new ways of interacting with their audience. This survey proves us right,” said TicketCo’s Global Partnership Director David Kenny.

He is in charge of TicketCo’s new partnership team who now – with the United Kingdom as their base – are looking for partners throughout Europe to take the European event industry to the next level via TicketCo TV.

“TicketCo TV is the world’s only fully integrated event payments platform and pay-per-view streaming solution. This enables live streaming and video on demand with valuable up-selling, and it enables a combination of physical and virtual tickets to hybrid events,” said Mr Kenny.

Hybrid events

Hybrid events with the combination of virtual and physical tickets mentioned above has shown a great potential after venues across Europe were allowed to open up with a reduced capacity. TicketCo’s latest customer survey covers this topic, and it reveals an almost equal interest as the interest for streaming.

18% of the organisers are likely to try hybrid events in the future, with a combination of physical tickets and virtual pay-per-view tickets. Another 36% responded this may happen, which equals a total of 54%.

If we add the 7% that are uncertain on top of this, the possible user group of hybrid events equals 61%.

“Covid-19 has had serious negative effect on the event industry throughout Europe. Now we are seeing organisers adapting to what is likely to be the new normal, and hybrid events is maybe the best way of merging the physical and the digital world. With a limited crowd present at the venue, the event gets the physical presence it needs to be a true live act. With virtual tickets available on top of this, the event gets an unlimited outreach and an equally unlimited revenue potential,” said TicketCo’s Global Partnership Director.

How accurate is this survey?

TicketCo’s latest customer survey was sent to a random selection of 1,000 active clients across Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom mid September 2020, with a follow-up a week later to those who did not open the first e-mail. The online survey consisted of 11 questions.

We received 89 answers, which according to SurveyMonkey’s guidelines and general benchmark standards may cause an error margin of 0-10%. Please be aware of this aspect while studying the results.

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