The finishing touches to TicketCo Media Services

by | Apr 16, 2020

Photo: Ole Kristian Olsen

At the TicketCo HQ in Bergen, DJ Frank Xerox (aka TicketCo Media Services Account Manager Frank Lihaug) laid the finishing touches to TicketCo’s new live streaming service on Wednesday 15 April. The new product is now ready to go live.

“This has been high speed product development, and we needed a series of test events to try our new live streaming service before we were ready. In this situation it came handy that I have 30 years of DJ experience,” said TicketCo Media Services Account Manager Frank Lihaug.

As DJ Frank Xerox he has been DJing since 1990, and he had more than 5,000 events and 20,000 hours of record spinning on his CV when he joined TicketCo as Key Account Manager for the Norwegian market last summer. When COVID-19 struck and TicketCo Media Services was developed in response this spring he was the natural choice for the inaugural role as Account Manager for the new service within the TicketCo staff.

The set-up

“Today’s livestream broadcast was quickly set up with two iPads, one iPhone X and a standard DJ set-up. I’m using my own MacBook Pro to upload the stream to the server, and this is definitely not good enough for a professional live streaming event. Our experience after two weeks of testing is that you will need 16 GB ram and a good graphics card for the graphics – especially if you choose to use a green screen, which we experimented with last week,” said Mr Lihaug.

He also recommends the following technical specs:

  • A broadcasting software that can broadcast towards a rtmp server. OBS Software is free to use and powerful software.
  • A good internet connection. Try to avoid a WIFI connection and you should broadcast at a minimum of 6Mbps. This will give you HD quality.
  • External audio interface is needed for HD sound quality. We used a Steinberg UR22 MKII USB Audio & Midi Interface on our test.
  • Good cameras. Here you can use any from cheap webcams, iPhones/iPads to top professional equipment.
  • Use a new MacBook Pro or an equivalent powerful laptop if you want to do a more complex broadcast with green screen, pre recorded videos etc.

A simple yet premium solution

TicketCo Media Services offers organisers throughout the UK a user friendly pay-per-view live streaming solution to distribute unique quality content to their audience. There are no set-up costs, an affordable pay-as-you-go price plan, and all required streaming software is included.

For the end user TicketCo Media Services live streams can be viewed in full HD quality on any device that your viewer opts to use. The viewer can use our Apple TV app, Smart TV, phone or tablet. The live streams are broadcast through HTML5 compatible streams or through M3U streams.

As an organiser, you can register withTicketCo Media Services for free, book an artist and/or a producer, and start selling immediately to generate revenue.

Written by Tom Rasmussen

Chief Communication Officer at TicketCo. Experienced public relations adviser and strategic narrativ creator with a broad background as promotor, manager and producer from the arts and entertainment industry. Also background from publishing and public administration. Hibernating novelist and retired drummer.

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