The must-buy piece of kit which makes live streaming possible anywhere

by | Jan 21, 2022

Super-fast broadband is vital to deliver a smooth live streamed event that is on a par with mainstream TV for viewers.

Some theatre, sport, comedy and festival venues do not have the bandwidth required to provide a seamless production, risking losing repeat viewers. To overcome the issue some organisers invest in installing a private broadband service into a venue.

But there is a new to market solution that offers unbreakable connectivity that could help transform how events are live streamed – both in venues and remote locations.

A Peplink cellular router is portable and provides rapid broadband speeds in areas of weak internet signal by bonding sim cards.

Utilising the solution enabled National League Ice Hockey club Oxford City Stars to live stream its home games.

The problem

Oxford City Stars broadcast home matches during a streaming pilot scheme. It invested in the necessary hardware and software, but experienced challenges with internet speed meaning it could not deliver a quality production.

The club could not use the rink’s private line and the public line was heavily used rendering it unusable for streaming. It tried a mainstream private mobile solution, but it was not strong enough.

The club turned to XTECH, an Oxford based IT company that uses smart infrastructure and software technologies to help businesses digitally, to see if it could help.

Steve Thompson, Director at XTECH, said: “We knew Oxford City Stars couldn’t use the existing internet lines within the rink, so we had to find a solution.

“We knew if supporters had a bad experience watching a live stream, they were unlikely to return. So, this needed to be a quick fix.”

The solution

XTECH quickly solved the Stars’ problems by providing a MAX Transit cellular router from Peplink.
The router is portable, can be easily setup and instantly provides fast broadband speeds.
Using Peplink’s technology comes with many benefits including:

  • Cost-cutting

Steve said: “Clubs no longer have to waste money on expensive lease lines or contracts during the off-season, particularly if they don’t own the stadium they play in.”

  • Portable technology

Steve said: “The router can be installed and uninstalled quickly, meaning no expensive equipment is left on-site. It also gives clubs the option to broadcast away matches, or off-site events, as the technology works in any location.”

  • Smooth streaming

Steve said: “Most importantly, Peplink provides the bandwidth required to broadcast a smooth digital broadcast to a limitless number of viewers. We are now seeing broadcasters like Eurosport take their own Peplink kit to stadiums as a back-up solution.”

The cost

Instantly revolutionising your internet speeds in any location does come at a cost, with prices starting from £1,500 including configuration.

But Steve insists it’s an essential investment, particularly for event organisers missing the opportunity to engage audiences on a global scale due to broadband speed concerns.

Huge difference

Oxford City Stars now stream its home games regularly using the kit.

Club director Greig Box Turnbull said: “We were running out of options and XTECH and Peplink provided the missing piece of the streaming jigsaw for us and we haven’t looked back since.

“Viewers understand occasional blips, but ultimately we simply have to provide a stream that does not buffer or drop out. Peplink has given us a private line that is so much faster than a traditional wired broadband set-up. The feedback we have received from viewers has been excellent.

“There is an up front cost, but it is an investment and the beauty of this system is during the close season we won’t be paying a monthly broadband fee, as our solution is pay as you go.”

Steve added: “The Stars now stream matches every week with no hiccups. They can install the technology as and when they wish too.

“Peplink has been the difference between the club engaging fans on a national scale and providing no alternative viewing platform at all.”

How it works

Peplink’s cellular router works by linking an external antenna with the router via a cable.

The router is then connected to a laptop which broadcasts the match and any cameras which capture footage.

“It’s using technology to make a digital solution work better, neater and smarter,” said Steve. “You can stream when you want and where you want once you’ve made that initial investment with no ongoing costs excluding SIM cards.”

Further information about Peplink’s products is available online via its website. Click here to learn more.

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Written by Shaun Reynolds

Communications advisor and expert storyteller with Fortitude Communications. A former news reporter and sports editor of five years across several UK regional titles. Experienced in photography and social media management with a passion for the outdoors.

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