The Spektrix integration; what it does and what it doesn’t do

by | Dec 9, 2020

By Mateusz Drachal, Customer Success Manager, TicketCo

UK’s market leading Arts organisations CRM system Spektrix and TicketCo have now entered into a technical partnership, enabling a seamless API integration between Spektrix and the UK’s benchmark broadcasting platform – TicketCo Media Services (previously TicketCo TV).

TicketCo Media Services is the new benchmark for pay-per-view events, enabling unique monetising possibilities and offering a peerless one-stop-shop whilst delivering full HD quality for the ticket buyers.

The Spektrix/TicketCo integration enables all Spektrix organisers to utilise TicketCo Media Services without any loss of processed customer data or duplicate registrations for the ticket buyers. The shopper journey will happen within the TicketCo platform, and the Spektrix login will then be embedded during the check-out process. This makes the shopper journey smooth and eliminates any unnecessary barriers to purchase.

The organiser will have full ownership to all customer data, and can access this either through the Spektrix CRM database or the TicketCo dashboard. There will be no need for new routines within the organisation except from setting up the broadcasting events within the intuitive TicketCo platform.

What it does and what it doesn’t do

The text above summarises the partnership in three short paragraphs. For those who need it more detailed; here is the TicketCo Media Services/Spektrix integration explained by what it does and what it doesn’t do.

What it does

  • First and foremost, the integration allows Spektrix organisers to sell streaming tickets through TicketCo Media Services with an automatic data population into their Spektrix account.
  • This way, Spektrix organisers can still utilise Spektrix as their sole CRM system, which is eliminating fragmentation..
  • The data capture is generated by the API within the Spektrix login form. This is seamlessly presented for the ticket buyers at the checkout in their TicketCo Media Services customer journey.

What it doesn’t do

  • The integration does not create events automatically in the TicketCo platform. This needs to be done manually by the organiser. We give you a comprehensive step by step guide on how to do this.
  • The integration does not manage the settlements for the sales; it is only the event information and the customer data that will be automatically exported from TicketCo Media Services to Spektrix. The settlements will be processed and reported by TicketCo.

Important to notice

  • Your sales through TicketCo will be issued with zero value when imported into Spektrix. Financial data will only appear on the TicketCo TV platform.
  • Please also notice some possible differences when it comes to use of terms within the two different platforms. As an example, TicketCo Media Services uses the term ‘event’ for what is called ‘instance’ within Spektrix.

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