The Strong Water Co to deliver unique multi-vineyard live-stream wine tasting event via TicketCo TV

by | Jun 29, 2020

A drinks company is bringing vineyard owners from across the world into viewers’ homes, via a ground-breaking virtual wine tasting event.

The Strong Water Co will host winemakers from France, Portugal, and South Africa together for a pay-per-view live stream broadcast next month [JULY]. Viewers will be sent bottles from each producer in advance and can tune into the live stream event on the TicketCo TV platform.

It is believed to be the first live stream wine tasting event involving multiple vineyards live, broadcast from Scotland. The organisers hope it will be an informal, inclusive experience where viewers can quietly soak up some knowledge or interact via a text chat window.

The Strong Water Co was founded last year as a wine, beer, and spirits shop in Banchory, Aberdeenshire. The shop includes a tasting room, but Covid-19 restrictions meant it has been unable to host physical events. However, founders Guy and Mungo Finlayson turned to live streaming platform provider TicketCo TV to enable them to hold their first tasting event online.

Guy Finlayson said: “We have a tasting area in our shop for about 20 people, but as we can’t currently use it, we are taking our events online via TicketCo TV. Our ethos is to sell products from drinks makers we have a strong relationship with. Usually in the summer we would be going out to these vineyards to see people, but although we cannot do that this year, we can bring that knowledge and expertise to our customers via the live stream.

“This event will see expert winemakers sitting in their vineyards in France, Portugal and South Africa talking about their wines while viewers can sample them in the comfort of their own homes. Unlike a shop-based tasting, it won’t be me talking other people’s wines, it will be the makers themselves. The only limit on participants is how much wine we have available to send out.”

Viewers will not be shown on screen, which Mr Finlayson said would help encourage a relaxed atmosphere in which those watching can do so without feeling pressured to interact. Those who wish to ask questions will be able to do so via a text chat window.

The wines that participants will enjoy are Côtes de Provence Rosé Léoube, of Château Léoube, Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc, of Ken Forrester Wines and Douro Red of Quinta do Crasto. Romain Ott, chief winemaker at Château Léoube, Ken Forrester, proprietor of Ken Forrester Wines and Miguel Roquette, owner of Quinta do Crasto will co-host the event and share their expertise.

Guy Finlayson added: “The ability to sit in your home, in your pyjamas if you wish, drinking the same wine as those who made it and have that personal touch with them would have been impossible before something like this.

“Wine is quite a stuffy subject and people are quite often intimidated by it. I hope these events can take away the intimidation factor. You don’t have to worry about being in a small group, you don’t need to plan transport to and from an event and you get to keep the whole bottle rather than just a sample.”

Mr Finlayson’s brother and business partner, Mungo, said: “TicketCo TV has made this possible for us and we are hopeful it will help us reach new customers. Businesses must adapt to survive, and Covid19 has been tough, but overcoming the challenges and using technology to do so has been liberating. It has opened us to new possibilities and new ways of doing things. The virtual tasting will take people to three different wine regions in one session, and the livestream has made this possible.”

TicketCo TV is a pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand service built into a secure payment platform.

David Kenny, TicketCo TV UK Country Manager said: “This is a bespoke pay-per-view live stream event in which The Strong Water Co are pushing the boundaries to deliver a unique experience to its customers. It’s fantastic to partner with a company that share a strong desire to use digital technology to evolve and deliver relevant events, services and products direct to its customers.”

The first event ‘Virtual Wine Tasting with the Strong Water Co’ is scheduled to last for two hours and begins at 7.45pm on Friday, July 10. Tickets, including wine, cost from £60 and can be purchased here.

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