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Photo: Tobias Åberg

TicketCo captures the Swedish third tier league

by | Apr 25, 2019

When the Swedish third tier league – Ettanfotboll – recently kicked off their 2019/20-season, it was with TicketCo as their League Partner. The partnerships enables the 32 clubs in the league to make efficient marketing and ticket sales.

The co-operation between Ettanfotboll and TicketCo opens up for a wide variety of benefits. Both marketing, ticket sales, merchandise, food and beverages are now all possible to handle within the same platform. Due to the user friendliness of TicketCo, this will improve the experience both for the clubs and their supporters.

“We’ve looked forward to the season start for several months now, and finally the season has started. This means that TicketCo now is fully operational in Sweden, and we are aiming to achieve the same position in Swedish football as TicketCo has attained in Norway – where we the leading ticketing and event payments supplier within sport,” says TicketCo’s Country Manager in Sweden, Stefan Palmquist.

Photo: Tobias Åberg

The third tier

Ettanfotboll is being ran by Föreningen Ettanfotboll, which is a union consisting of the 32 clubs in the league. Their mission is to further develop the semi-professional league both financially, commercially, administratively and within sports. Ettanfotboll is the third tier in the Swedish League.

“Ettanfotboll have positioned itself as a family friendly league where the talents are given a chance to prove themselves. We have worked hard to achieve visibility, and this season 480 of our matches will have TV coverage. Last season we sold more than 300,000 tickets,” says Ettanfotboll CEO Johan Englund.

He is confident that the TicketCo partnership will strengthen Ettanfotboll’s position within Swedish football, and that it will be important for the efforts to develop the league even further.

Looking forward to co-operate

Stefan Palmquist is happy to see that TicketCo is up and running in the Swedish event business.

“Our position in Norway is very strong, with every second club in the two top tiers as TicketCo clients. We are also gaining momentum in England and Scotland, with the signing of Kilmarnock FC, being our latest partnership. And of course, our recently announced five years contract with Legia Warsaw means that our Polish enterprise has got off to a rocket start,” he says.

But for the Swedish TicketCo team, the main focus is of course their home market.

“We are really looking forward to co-operating with the many great clubs within Ettanfotboll. With the right event organiser tools, clubs are able to gain invaluable insights. This will help the clubs take their next steps,” he finishes.

Reliable and innovative

“TicketCo has proven to be both reliable and innovative, all at once. We are impressed by their references in Norway as well as in the UK. A definite strength when it comes to the TicketCo platform is the ability to handle both ticket sales and a variety of other purchases at the stadium,” says Johan Englund.

Photo: Tobias Åberg