TicketCo is ready for action

Sep 15, 2017

Photos: Splento.com

“The 4G network coverage is maybe the most important difference between the UK and the Norwegian ticketing market,” said TicketCo CEO Kaare Bottolfsen during the company’s launch event at The Norwegian embassy in London Thursday 14 September.

Whilst the UK had a 4G network connectivity of 54 percent last year, the equivalent number in Norway was an astonishing 99 percent. At the same time, the smartphone penetration in Norway for those aged between 12 and 49 was also at 99 percent. “This is why Norway is the perfect test laboratory for customised technologies, and why a Norwegian ticketing company can be the leader of the pack,” Bottolfsen concluded.

UK is TicketCo ready

Engaged by a tech eager broad public and customer driven innovation, TicketCo has created a ticketing sales platform built on a completely different mindset than their competitors. Four years after their humble launch, TicketCo has grown into an efficient event tool for handling tickets, food and beverage, merchandise and any other items or services in one integrated customer journey. “The 4G connectivity is growing fast in the UK now, and today 39 percent of the UK population actually purchase products or services through their mobile phone on a daily basis. This is almost twice as many as in tech-friendly Norway, so I will say that the UK now is ready for TicketCo,” said Bottolfsen.

The Kygo adventure

Prior to Bottolfsen’s presentation, Kygo manager Jan Magnus Bjordal told the audience about how the Norwegian superstar – who was the first to reach one billion streams on Spotify – has built his career. “We are true to our core values,” Bjordal told, listing up four standards that every Kygo attempt shall match. “These are Roots, Innovation, Quality and Feelgood,” he added.

When luck hits you, play it

Both Kygo and TicketCo are from Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, and the Kygo team is keeping a close eye on TicketCo’s upcoming market launch in the UK. “We are true enthusiasts supporting each other, and the TicketCo brand can easily adapt to our core values. We are both about innovation, quality and feelgood, and with our common origin we are attached when it comes to roots as well,” Bjordal explained. He admitted that pure luck has been a factor in the Kygo adventure, but added that it is important to recognise luck when it strikes, and to take advantage of it. “When luck hits you, play it!” he finished.

Optimise merchandise sales

Besides the Kygo management, Paul Goldsmith from Event Merchandising held a presentation showing how queues and logistics related to point of sales is the weak spot of festivals end events, and how an event tool like TicketCo can bypass this obstruction. “Both the artists, the organisers and the audience will benefit from a sales tool that offers merchandise to be ordered when purchasing tickets,” he concluded.

A festival fairytale

As the last point of the programme, the Norwegian festival Tysnesfest told the amazing story of how a few enthusiasts in the secluded island of Tysnes started a festival in order to keep their youngsters from leaving the island. Today Tysnesfest is among Norway’s largest festivals, attracting a huge audience from miles away and engaging close to 25 percent of the island’s population as volunteers during the festival. “This summer we decided to go for TicketCo as our over-all sales solution. Besides the festival tickets we sold huge amounts of food and beverage, bus tickets, merchandise, festival camp access, accommodation and even port space for several hundred cabin cruisers and similar services through TicketCo. We will definitely do the same next year,” festival manager Sigvald Madsen told the audience.