TicketCo TV: A quick update

by | May 14, 2020

Last weekend Just The Tonic Comedy Club did its very first live streamed event through TicketCo TV. Jon Richardson, Matt Forde and Paul McCaffrey were among the comedians who made the pilot ‘Working From Home’ a success, and more shows will follow. In Norway two different DJ events were aired for a pay-per-view audience during the weekend, as well as two different theatre productions. And then there’s Sweden, where Vasateatern and MTA Production are reaching out globally for its show Waterloo – A tribute to ABBA show that now is on sale.

As this brief rundown shows, TicketCo TV is starting to build momentum. But how did we get to this point? And what can be expected next? Here is a quick update.

Two months since the lock down

It is now two months since the event industry locked down throughout all of Europe. Soon after TicketCo decided to turn the crisis into new opportunities for both the company and the event industry, and started the development of TicketCo TV.

The need for a proactive approach was obvious. Concerts, festivals and sports events were all closed with immediate effect, leaving the artists, venues and organisers without any revenue and the audience without live entertainment of any kind.

A sustainable business model

Soon the first live streamed concerts started to appear on social medias, with donations to the artists or to different charities. At TicketCo we saw the need for a more sustainable solution, with pay-per-view virtual tickets rather than random donations. Our ability to create such a solution was close to perfect.

  • Ever since the start in 2013 we have had honest, engaged and innovative as our three core values.
  • We have a large, engaged and highly competent team of developers, and we have established sales organisations in Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
  • We are an established enterprise within the event industry, with a huge processed transaction volume and with established systems and routines for smooth and efficient clearing of revenue.
  • We are in close interaction with thousands of organisers and millions of ticket buyers in Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom, and we know all the pains in the industry during these difficult times. We are also aware of the great engagement and skills within the event industry, and we know that a premium and easy accessible pay-per-view live streaming service is something the industry has been waiting for.
  • And last, but not least: we did not have to start from scratch. TicketCo is an extremely user friendly payments platform for the event industry, and by building a pay-per-view live streaming solution on the top of our existing platform we have created the world’s only complete solution for sales of physical and virtual tickets, F&B and merch combined.

Video on demand is up next

Within days we will launch a video on demand feature, and this will open for a vast variety of options for our organisers.

  • They can sell physical tickets, F&B and merch though one unified platform (as they always have done at TicketCo) as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic has passed and the world is back to normal.
  • They can sell virtual tickets and/or access to video on demand.
  • They can do up-selling of beer or merch or whatever in connection to live streamed events.
  • They can create hybrid combinations of virtual and physical tickets when the government opens up for events with limited audiences (like the situation is in Norway and Sweden right now).
  • In short: Through TicketCo TV it is possible to create valuable revenue streams during the crisis, and at the same time facilitate for a better service and more revenue streams the day the crisis has passed.

And please note: If an organiser uses another ticketing supplier, it is no problem to sign up for the use of TicketCo TV only.

A strong start

So what has happened at TicketCo TV so far?

We started strong. The first official concert after the launch of TicketCo TV was No. 4 at the venue Blaa in Oslo. That was an immediate success. More than 1,000 tickets sold generated activity at the venue, a welcome revenue for both the venue and the artist, and a great experience for more than 1,000 dedicated fans. Read more about this event here.

Last weekend the Norwegian comedy group Urbane Totninger did a live streamed studio show built around a video recording of their 2019 summer show, as a hybrid between a live and a pre-recorded show, distributed as pay-per-view through TicketCo TV. More than 1,600 tickets sold for a local show is super impressive, and the comedy group are so satisfied that they will give it another run.

In United Kingdom Just The Tonic Comedy Club did their Working From Home pilot last weekend, starring Jon Richardson, Matt Forde and Paul McCaffrey. A summary of the event will be published via the TicketCo blog soon. What is published already though is the story about the up-selling success, containing 64 cases of premium ABK beer. That is quite something! Read this story here.

Just The Tonic Comedy Club will be back with another show at TicketCo TV at May 30th.

Also worth mentioning is the Oslo-club Jaeger are now doing regular live streaming of DJ sets through TicketCo TV, that the Norwegian 75 year D-day anniversary theatre performance When the peace came to Norway was aired through TicketCo TV, and that last weekend saw the DJ’s Bjørn Torske and Skatebård doing live streamed DJ sets from the roof top of Hotel Norge by Scandic in Bergen.

That is quite some mix, and we are starting to see a success.

Streaming to 70 countries

Yet at the same time we are at the very start of TicketCo TV, and we will see lots of exiting things happening in the days and weeks to come.

Like for instance Swedish Vasateatern. Along with MTA Production they are organising Waterloo – a tribute to ABBA at Saturday May 30th, and if you visit this event in the TicketCo platform you will find that they will broadcast in 70 different countries throughout the world! This proves that borders are no limitations within TicketCo TV, if the organisers don’t want them to be so due to DRM or other reasons.

This week the Norwegian government opened up for live events with a limited number of attendees (right now 50), and crowds of this size has been legal in Sweden throughout the whole COVID-19 crisis. Hopefully we will see the UK authorities also enabling these kind of events in the near future.

In Norway we are now experiencing organisers putting together hybrid events with virtual live streaming tickets combined with a limited number of physical tickets. This is a great way to use the flexibility within the TicketCo platform, and a great way to ease the impact of the crisis.

And that is it for now. This week we will release our video on demand feature, as stated above, and we will soon have more great news for our TicketCo TV followers in Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Until then:

Stay tuned!