TicketCo TV to broadcast classical Christmas concert & prize draw in support of children’s charity Barnardo’s

by | Nov 19, 2020

By Shaun Reynolds

A charitable festive concert that will spark classical music into life from an appropriately adorned old chapel is perhaps what we all require this Christmas to reflect on what has been a turbulent 2020.

COVID-19 has flipped everyone’s lives upside down. But for the acclaimed classical music trio, the Korros Ensemble, the opportunity to showcase emotive classical music through the power of a delicately prepared pre-recorded show could not be turned down – especially during a time where arts performances are few and far between.

The music industry has been left devastated by the impact of the global pandemic. Eliza Marshall, Nick Ellis and Camilla Pay of Korros, humbly consider themselves fortunate to still be working in the industry they adore and will now explore new boundaries with the help and support of TicketCo TV.

It is unusual that the core of their work, during what is typically a busy period, is being produced and delivered from Nick’s Berkshire home in West Ilsley. In an ordinary world the musicians would be travelling throughout the UK, and globe trotting with symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles and non-classical artists.

With this in mind, we caught up with the Korros Ensemble’s clarinettist, Nick Ellis, to explore how the trio is planning to deliver a Christmas concert for charity and its views on using video on demand and live streaming.

Performing via digital

From an old chapel that has been converted into a performance space, international musician Catrin Finch will welcome Korros Ensemble to the stage for a 45-minute Christmas Concert and Prize Draw to raise vital funds for children’s charity Barnardo’s.

The performance will be pre-recorded and available on demand via TicketCo TV from 7pm on Thursday, December 17, to viewers that have purchased a ticket.

Nick has worked with Korros Ensemble since 2001 and the group has played in small concert halls and music venues across the UK. But performing to a fresh global audience via TicketCo TV presents the three-piece group with a rather unique challenge.

Nick said: “The pandemic has presented people working in the entertainment sector with unprecedented challenges. Most of our work has been cancelled – with very few concerts happening.”

“It led us as a group to ponder over how we can continue to present the work we deliver in a sustainable way. TicketCo TV fits our bill, and consequently we are able to return to work and help support a charity that is close to our hearts.”

Video on demand

By partnering with TicketCo, Korros is exploring a new way of translating a performance to their target audience through the power of modern technology. It was a concept they were keen to try after reading an article printed by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) which reported on how musicians are producing content in a COVID-19 world.

But why TicketCo?

Nick said: “In addition to TicketCo’s live streaming packages, they are also specialists in pre-recorded video content, we didn’t want our concert to be pinned to a single date, we wanted the content we are going to create to be available on demand days afterwards. TicketCo’s multi-purpose platform grants us full control to implement these wishes.

“People may ask why we aren’t live streaming the performance. For us it is a case of personal preference. Classical music must be presented at its best for it to work which is why we are taking the additional time to create a performance that we are pleased with.”

Smooth process

As Nick was producing Korros’ first broadcast, he worked closely with TicketCo’s dedicated team to ensure the build up to their first performance was stress-free.

He added: “Our interaction with the TicketCo team has been a very helpful service to us. They immediately understood what we are trying to achieve by hosting this concert and have helped us financially too as it is a charity event. The ticketing process for our customers is efficiently setup which is attractive to us and means we can focus on delivering the best concert possible without the stresses of using technology we are not familiar with.”

Continuing to perform

Camilla Pay, Eliza Marshall, and Nicholas Ellis of Korros Ensemble will be the centrepiece of the evening. But the show has also attracted the talents of Welsh harpist Catrin Finch, who from 2000 to 2004 was the official harpist to the Prince of Wales.

BBC RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Divina De Campo will also add some festive fun to the event by making a cameo guest appearance.

“Everyone is really keen to get back to work,” said Nick. “Before COVID-19, the work that musicians produced was successful, financially viable, and creative. By working with TicketCo, we have managed to tick those three boxes even when we are not allowed to welcome people to a physical event.

“Classical music is unfairly considered as elite and high-end by many, now we have the opportunity to showcase our fun work to a fresh audience. This concert will open new doors to the future.”

Wider audience

COVID-19 has resulted in professionals in the performing arts sector re-shaping how they will perform in the future. And Korros Ensemble is confident monetising performances via live streams and on demand broadcasts is a business model that is here to stay.

Nick added: “Broadcasting and live streaming are not simply a hiatus until things return to normal. From what we have seen, it is so important to produce something of high quality.

“The reality is that it is hard for people to watch classical music concerts in normal times, so broadcasting shows via TicketCo TV is a great way to appeal to a much wider audience. If we were to invite people to a classical performance in a church, we’d be targeting a very particular group of people.

“But by delivering our show online, we have the ability to promote and link our show to Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms – that in turn unlocks an entire new audience.”

Charity at heart

This Christmas will likely be one of the toughest for many young people. Consequently, Korros has chosen to partner with children’s charity Barnardo’s. Profits raised from the Prize Draw will directly support the charity and its work to help hundreds of thousands of children, young people, parents and carers.

Barnardo’s has provided a video that will feature within the concert to raise awareness about its work and core values.

Nick said: “The last six months have been incredibly tough for all charities, it’s a difficult time for them as fundraising events cannot take place – they are desperate for support.”

“Christmas is about sharing wonderful memories with your loved ones, and we feel all young people should enjoy this special time of year. For us, Barnardo’s is an obvious charity to support.”