Turn your viewers into active participants with live chat

by | Oct 5, 2020

Couch concerts, comedy nights or football matches doesn’t have to be one way communication. TicketCo TV’s brand new live chat is the final piece of the TicketCo TV puzzle, and a brilliant way for your audience to interact from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Nothing beats the joy of being present at the venue or the stadium, but in times like these physical presence is often limited to a few lucky ones – if any.

That is why we created TicketCo TV. When the audience can’t attend the football match, comedy show or concert, we wanted to make it possible for the event to travel the opposite distance, and to visit the audience in the safety of their own homes.

Creating engagement through live chat

Since we launched TicketCo TV a few months back we have seen a lot of organisers across Scandinavia and the UK utilising TicketCo TV as their Covid-19 platform for getting their content distributed and their revenues created. TicketCo TV has been a massive success. It has brought a wide range of sports, entertainment and fine arts to the public, and it has created valuable revenue streams for the organisers in these very difficult times.

With our newly deployed live chat we have added the final piece of the puzzle to TicketCo TV. For live streamed events where fan engagement is a vital part of the package, you can now add a live chat to your live stream. It is easy to set up, smooth to moderate and of course accessible both in the web-version and the TV App version of the stream.

How does it work?

Our Customer Success department have produced a detailed article on the live chat and how to set it up. Please visit this page for the details.