Using a traditional ticketing platform to sell PPV access?

by | Oct 6, 2020

By Joe Edwards, Global Key Account Manager, TicketCo

Online broadcasts of events have surged in popularity over the last few months since the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become a great way for event organisers to continue engaging with their audiences whilst their normal format is disrupted. Audiences are now using the internet more than ever, seeking alternative ways to consume content.

Our team have been closely monitoring events, gaining and analysing feedback from all over Europe to ensure the rapid and optimal development of TicketCo Media Services. This ensures we are the preferred choice for consumers, organisers and further fuel our journey towards creating the global standard for all event payments.

Traditionally TicketCo has supplied events with a digital ticketing and an event payment solution. When COVID-19 began we quickly moved to invest and develop TicketCo Media Services. This gave our customers the opportunity to continue operating with the doors closed.

A traditional ticketing system – even our original platform – could not deliver online events without fragmentation for the customer. We have built TicketCo Media Services on our already robust payment platform, to once again ensure an unrivalled customer journey from purchase to viewing.

So why should organisers looking to move online, use TicketCo Media Services?

This is a whole new world for event organisers and certainly for event goers. Simplicity and education are key components to delivering successful online events, and ensuring that customers can stream their events without depending on hand holding from event organisers.

So what are the issues you have seen with using a traditional ticketing platform for online events?

Access codes – If you are using an access code model, the codes need to be emailed out to all customers prior to the show (normally 1 hour before the event). This can mean that you will have to go off-sale in order to ensure that all customers receive their codes in good time. TicketCo Media Services allows customers to buy tickets anytime up until the end of the show.

Trialling multiple viewing formats– Customers will not be able to test their viewing devices prior to receiving their access code and instructions. A lot of customers are new to streaming and it is therefore beneficial to provide them with a way to trial the various viewing formats that TicketCo Media Services offer, before the event start time. This also significantly reduces the support requests on the day of the event.

Customer data – Streaming events is a great opportunity to expand your audience, further grow your community and engage with your loyal supporters. Using streaming to harvest customer data is crucial and can ensure that you hit the ground running when the doors re-open. TicketCo Media Services allows you to own and manage your data in real-time and accessing it is simple.

GDPR – Are you sending data to a 3rd party to grant access to the stream? If so, are customers happy to have their information shared with 3rd parties? And who is responsible for the customer queries if they fall between the processes. TicketCo Media Services manages the end to end process ensuring a safe, un-fragmented customer experience.

Fragmentation – Ticket buyers are looking to browse events, pay and view without passwords, Apps and logins. The customer journey has to be clean, to ensure this there needs to be only one interaction with the customer.

Sharing tickets – The ability to share access codes to events is still out there. Can you ensure that only one ticket buyer can access the content on one device? If multiple customers use a ticket, how do you grant access to the correct user?

Avoid the pitfalls

The event industry is now grappling with how to embrace PPV streaming and VOD to survive COVID-19. And with multiple offerings on the market it can be confusing and fraught with pitfalls. Watch out for ticketing platforms that are out-sourcing streaming, as you run the risk of some of the issues outlined above, including losing sales and unhappy customers.

But there is a solution. And it is delivering.

One platform delivering PPV and VOD

TicketCo Media Services takes the headache out of beginning your pay-per-view streaming and video-on-demand offerings. We have created one platform that combines all services together. This means a simple platform for organisers and ticket buyers – and a streaming offering that is compatible across all devices.

We are now seeing the benefits our joined-up solution is having in the events industry and its exciting to know we are only at the beginning of this digital journey. We are looking forward to helping many more event organisers survive and thrive through COVID-19 and beyond. You do not have to keep your doors closed and you do not have to suffer a poor digital experience.

Get in touch and let TicketCo Media Services help you stream successfully.

Joe Edwards is a Global Key Account Manager at TicketCo, focusing on connecting events and sports clubs to our platform. A semi-professional ice hockey player and former National Account Manager at Carabao Energy Drink, Joe is experienced in supporting organisers in increasing audience engagement, customer experiences and driving incremental revenue.

Written by TicketCo

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