Voucher instead of a refund

by | Mar 15, 2020

New feature from TicketCo in connection to the Covid-19 crisis

To reduce the Covid-19 impact on the event industry, TicketCo have allocated all R&D resources over the last few days to develop new features. This weekend we have a fully automated cancellation form ready, to handle the massive amount of cancellations expected in the days and weeks to come. Next week we will have an associated voucher solution added to this cancellation form.

“We know that Covid-19 is causing huge problems for a lot of organisers at the moment, but we are also aware of the many ticket buyers who now are deeply concerned for these organisers. Will their favourite festival collapse? Can the club they follow survive the losses they will be suffering from? We think that a lot of ticket buyers have concerns like these at the moment,” said TicketCo UK Country Manager David Kenny.

“People care, and it is not given that everyone will claim their money back at cancellations. Our assumption is that there is a lot of ticket buyers out there who now are eager to learn how they can reach out to the organisers,” he added.

That is why TicketCo now have tasked our R&D team to create such a solution.

Voucher instead of a refund

“When an event can’t be held as planned due to Covid-19, our first advice to the organiser is to postpone. Many organisers have done this already, and this creates a buffer. Hopefully the event can be held at a later date, and the Covid-19 damage will then be limited to the additional cost related to this postponement,” said Mr Kenny.

But a postponement will not be possible for everyone, and for those who can’t postpone, a cancellation will be inevitable. This is where our new feature will help,“ he stated.

Simply explained, TicketCo’s new feature will enable the ticket buyer to opt in in for a voucher instead of a monetary refund when an event is cancelled. This voucher can then be used to later purchase tickets or goods from the same organiser, and will be a valid payment method.

We are working full speed with our R&D team these days to get this feature ready, and our estimate is that it will be ready at the end of next week. Then we will have our complete large scale cancellation and voucher feature up and running, and our cancellation method will then be as follows:

  • When an event is cancelled by the organiser through the new cancellation form, the ticket buyer will receive a message from TicketCo containing information and a link.
  • When the link is clicked, the ticket buyer will get to a landing page in TicketCo.
  • In landing page 1, the ticket buyer will get an option to receive a voucher or continue.
  • In landing page 2, the ticket buyer will get the option to get a monetary refund or still exchange their ticket for a voucher.
  • If there is a monetary refund to be done, TicketCo will automate the refund process.

Joint actions required

Mr Kenny is confident a lot of ticket buyers now will opt in for the joint actions that will be required for the event industry to make it through the Covid-19 crisis.

“In a major crisis like this, it is only natural for each and every one of us to care about our families, jobs and welfare first. Even so, I think most of us also are concerned about how our life will be when the crisis is over, and our actions in the difficult times ahead may well decide this,” said Mr Kenny.

“A world without an event industry is an unbearable thought, and it is in every ones interest that the event organisers make it through this crisis. A way to achieve this is to accept a voucher instead of a cash refund for a cancelled event. This way each and every ticket buyer can make a small contribution, and together these contributions hopefully will make a difference,” said Mr Kenny.

The to do list

TicketCo’s UK Country Manager has five top pieces of advice for organisers effected by Covid-19:

  • Inform your ticket buyers if the event can’t be held as originally planned due to Covid-19
  • Postpone the event if possible, and make sure you get this message through to the audience
  • Be very clear regarding the ticket buyers rights to a refund if you have to cancel
  • Use the opportunity to inform them of the voucher option
  • In these troubled times, don’t be too proud to inform your ticket buyers about how bad the Covid-19 crisis is hitting you and your industry, and that each and every ticket buyer who chooses the voucher option will make a difference.