Webinar: Why non-league football clubs should live stream and make games available on demand – and how to do it

by | Aug 13, 2021

A webinar which will reveal how non-league football clubs can broadcast fixtures to global audiences in a cost-effective and secure way is to be hosted by TicketCo Media Services.

Taking place on Monday, September 13, at 7.30pm the webinar will be presented by London-based freelance football journalist Matthew Mesiano with the panel including Jason Mills, Operations Manager at the Southern Football League, and David Kenny, Head of Global Partnerships at TicketCo Media Services.

All non-league clubs interested in learning about TicketCo Media Services fully integrated live stream and ticketing functionality can watch.

The digital event has been programmed after the Southern Football League signed a multi-year media rights deal with TicketCo which allows the league’s 82 clubs to stream games live online.

Why tune in?

Football’s future is here, and it is hybrid. Hosting hybrid football matches means you can accommodate supporters physically at your stadium and digitally via live streaming.

Hybrid football has already proven itself to be a valuable asset to many established non-league teams.
Altrincham Football Club upscaled fan engagement and sourced a fresh and sustainable new revenue stream by broadcasting home matches through its 2020-21 campaign.

Co-chairman Bill Waterson said: “Streaming is an important bridge to connect fans who wouldn’t typically turn up to more than a handful of games per season.

“Travel, health and financial reasons mean many supporters – home and away – cannot attend matches. But those supporters can tune into a live stream, which generates essential revenue for clubs.

“In May, we made a four-figure profit from our dead-rubber game against Yeovil, which tells me there is a significant demand for hybrid football.”

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Is live streaming complicated?

It is essential that all digital broadcasts are reliable so trust can be established between the supporters and the club, and the club with the live stream host.

Contrary to belief, live streaming does not have to be complicated.

In fact, you can make it as simplistic and cost-effective as you wish with trustworthy live stream starter packs costing as little as £1,200.

Mr Waterson added: “Getting set up and getting the team up to speed with the technology was incredibly straight forward. We were able to set up our service in no time at all.

“We have a vast fanbase, some are tech-savvy and others not so much. But this hasn’t affected supporters not used to using technology as the TicketCo system is so easy to navigate.”

Technology isn’t our forte..

No problem. Many sports clubs that live stream matches via TicketCo Media Services had no previous knowledge of broadcasting games digitally.

This includes Telford Tigers Ice Hockey Club, whose participation in this year’s Spring Cup unlocked a new digital audience.

“Live streaming was completely new to the team,” said Ian Howles, Marketing Manager at Telford Tigers. “The club and its volunteers had two weeks to purchase the necessary equipment, establish how it is used, test our stream and then deliver it to fans.

“Trial events by filming training sessions proved to us just how simple setting up a live stream can be but investing time in understanding the kit you are working with is important.”

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Why now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated fans’ demands for hybrid sport.
Now is the time for clubs to engage with their audiences on a global scale and realise the potential of live streaming.

RFU Championship club Bedford Blues streamed all 2020-21 home fixtures. Fans took to social media at the conclusion of the season to praise the club’s live stream service.

One fan said: “Only the second game I’ve been able to watch but impressed with @BedfordBluesRFC’s online coverage. You can watch it on any platform!”

Another added: “Great game, the stream was excellent!”

Written by Shaun Reynolds

Communications advisor and expert storyteller with Fortitude Communications. A former news reporter and sports editor of five years across several UK regional titles. Experienced in photography and social media management with a passion for the outdoors.

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