When the ticket buyer wants to forgo the debt

by | Mar 18, 2020

New feature from TicketCo in connection to the Covid-19 crisis

To reduce the Covid-19 impact on the event industry, TicketCo have allocated all R&D resources over the last few days to develop new features. This weekend we have a fully automated cancellation form ready, to handle the massive amount of cancellations expected in the days and weeks to come. Next week we will have an associated voucher solution added to this cancellation form.

The article we published on March 15 (to be read here) states that we are working full speed with the development of an automated solution where the ticket buyers can choose a voucher rather than a refund when events are cancelled. This solution will have multiple benefits, including:

  • It will help the organiser’s liquidity in these troubled times.
  • It will give the ticket buyer a voucher on the full amount rather than a refund of the amount minus the ticketing fee.

In other words, it is a solution that benefits both the organiser and the ticket buyer.

The last few days have revealed that there is a third kind of ticket buyer out there as well; those who are so deeply concerned about their organiser’s troubles that they neither want a voucher nor a refund. They simply want the organiser to keep the money, without claiming anything in return.

This is an act of goodwill that TicketCo is preparing to facilitate, by adding a forgo option to the automated voucher solution. We hope that every COVID-19 affected TicketCo organiser will hold back their cancellations until we have the feature ready. Then two simple actions will be needed to have the voucher and forgive options up and running:

  • A voucher text must be added in a new form for each event.
  • Then an appealing waiver text must be added in the next form, through which the organiser recommend their ticket buyers to forgo their credit.

Then when the event is being cancelled through TicketCo’s automated cancellation form, the ticket buyer will have three choices:

  • First: forgo the credit and proceed.
  • Secondly: ask for a voucher exchange.
  • Last: claim a refund. The ticket buyer will be able to choose a voucher instead throughout the whole reclaiming process that will follow.

We will send out a simple manual to all organisers on what needs to be done at the organiser’s end to be able to use these new features, and our Customer Success team (support) will be there for assistance if needed.

We hope that this will help our organisers in these troubled times, and we will continue doing our best to come up with further actions that hopefully will have a positive impact.